my debut album has been released

  • hi everyone,

    my debut album has finally been released today. it's a really weird feeling to be honest. I'd be happy if you guys checked it out, tell me if you like it etc.
    it can be downloaded for free at
    or you can stream it at

    featuring awesome cover by artpunk


  • Now listening....absolutely great work and the cover is truly awesome!!

  • Pretty Lights vibes but with a grittier bass, i can dig it.

    edit: actually PL has some pretty gritty shizzz, but there is something that sets your music apart from his. But i was inspired to check out his soundcloud page (for the first time in a year) and goddamn he's done a lot of mixes.

  • thanks for the nice comments guys! means a lot

    and yeah raja, I sampled it from the original Joe Chambers song, but it's more meant as a reference to NY State Of Mind

  • Congratulations Theodor, I feel very proud to be involved in this project, even if it is just the cover art! (Thanks for your patience with me on that as well) I'm hoping to listen to the album as soon as I get a chance!