chronome - how does yours look like?

  • hi chronomistas,

    just finished with assembling my chronome and i was wondering, how the other chronomes out there would look like...

    hoping for nice photos...

    here is mine...

  • moooaaaaahhhh :-)

  • hej raja,

    it´s working with a special chronome serialosc. nice thing about it, it just behaves like a monome64. so monome apps (monomeserials & serialoscshere) can be used out of the box. is the link for proper explanation.

    to change the colours & vari-bright there is nomestate, a basic osc to midi

  • Am I thinking of something else, or is this velocity sensitive too?

  • @raja,

    I'm surprised this snuck by you. There was a group buy, and a bunch of threads as people struggled with various aspects of their build. I think monoaural here might be the first to succeed who's not part of FlipMu, but it's been going on for ages.

    (I built two of them, and both worked with Nomestate, but compiling the chronome SerialOSC in OSX Lion never quite worked for me. I should try again now that I've got original SerialOSC working. Maybe an external factor that no longer applies was to blame!)


    Not velocity, exactly; continuous pressure data for each button.

    (I'm told that feature's not really stable until you add some resistive fabric or something between the PCB and the button pads to make the response curve smoother / more predictable. Not sure; didn't get that far.)

  • Side note:

    I had to replace a bunch of LEDs, and probably fried my board pretty good in the process, so my colors aren't nearly as consistent as what mono's got going. Setting them all white gives me an Easter basket of subtle pastels.

  • @gtz

    thanks for helping here in explanation...

    little clip added to my flickr..

  • I dig the lego enclosure.

    (we've seen that done w/ arduinome before, but I don't think the colors have ever worked so well as here. very tasteful w/ the white faceplate...)

  • @GTZ
    thanks guys for the nice words.

  • Mine looks something like this:

    Keep looking for a chance to do some more problem solving on it, but haven't quite found one yet. (I have a brightness/colour consistency issue too, which may or may not be the same as yours - see ).


    p.s. I do rather like the lego case!

  • some people in barcelona where working in a really cool rgb arduinome, really thin