Grayscale 128 [sold] Kaoss Pad 3 for sale

  • Hi everyone, I've got a GS128 to sell as I've upgraded to a 256.

    In great condition, never been gigged only used in studio set-up.

    Comes with a perfectly-fitting leather case (previously a CD-wallet).

    £400 (approx $650) + delivery costs, located in London so would be great if someone around here was interested, can also ship though.

    Message me for pictures or with any questions.

    Also have a Kaoss Pad KP3 to get rid of if anyone's interested?



  • What year is it? Is it varibrightness, tilt etc?


  • All GS have tilt but no varibrightness.

  • all GS have variable brightness (overall), but not per LED variable brightness.

  • right cheers. i can't keep up with all the versions. i've got a 64 with tilt and varibrightness (i think). will it be a gs or walnut?

    (sorry for the hijack)

  • it's a walnut then.


    i bought it off someone but wasn't sure which edition is was.

  • Are you interested in the 128 then @jhindsight ? whisper me if you are

  • ...if anyone prefers to contact by email its:

    cjalewis87 [at] gmail [dot] com

  • 128 sold! KP3 still available if anyone is interested

  • How much for kaoss pad dude?

  • @fluxta i spent £350 on it originally so would like to recoup a fair amount of the cost. Could let it go for 200? Drop me an email if you're interested. where are you based?

  • Thanks anyway buddy, I live in Brisbane, Oz. I can get one for around that price brand new over here.