Participate in a study examining your experience of the Monome & electronic music

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    I'm looking for participants to take part in a study that examines the spectators' experience of digital musical instruments, specifically the Monome in this case. The study is part of research being conducted as part of a PhD at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast.

    The study won't take up too much of your time and you can do it online in the comfort of your own home. You get to watch three short performances (a couple minutes each) of the Monome. Following this there is a short, straightforward questionnaire regarding your experiences of the performances. It should only take you around 5-10 minutes.

    **[[|To take part (or just to check out the videos!) follow this link]]**


  • doned.

    Would love to see the results of the research posted on the forum when ready...

  • Q. Why did you like performance 2?

    ok i elaborated a little bit.

  • Another monomer in Belfast? We have 3?

  • done. although I got a little bit worried in the middle that I had the numbers of the performances muddled up.

  • yah, i couldn't be bothered with writing about each individual artist and their expertise and whatnot. If you had one comment field instead of 3 separate ones, i might've been encouraged too, but looking at how much space you gave me to write about 2 minute performances was overwhelming.

    in any event i'm jealous of each performer, and realize how much my self-built monome sucks, SOLELY because of the shitty warped faceplate i got. it really takes away from the fun of playing with the monome when buttons don't respond to pushes and i have to push some in certain ways.

  • Thanks everyone that has participated! The study is still running for a while if anyone else has a few minutes to help out research!

    > they scramble it up for each person

    Yes, the video order is completely randomised to prevent any bias or features induced by the order you see the videos.

    > one of the questions didn't use the usual ordering of 1, 2, 3

    That one question's ordering was a mistake! Thanks for spotting it, fixed now.

    > i couldn't be bothered with writing about each individual artist and their expertise and whatnot.

    Thanks for the feedback - Although the questionnaire is structured in that way to provide the most useful data for what we are examining. It's useful to hear feedback on the questionnaire structure etc as it will aid in better data collection in future studies.

    Thanks guys!

  • yo @declutter...
    Im after moving to the USof aay. Looks like your the lone-chief buttoner of norn iron!

  • @raja

    yah, i don't know why i settled for the warped plate. the place i went to was trying to cut me a deal and went with some scrap aluminum but it was only half the recommended thickness. In the end I realized with the amount of money I paid for the other parts, i should have sacked up and dropped the proper amount of dough on a nice faceplate.

    anyways, i've been in infrequent contact with them and now the guy is suggesting Lexan as an alternative, which could be kind of cool. I'm in China until January, so I'll have to live with what I have til then (unless I can somehow find a metal shop that does laser cutting... but then again I don't trust Chinese quality of anything...)

    (righteous, i might do some more cleaning up and polishing, so i'll send you a new version if i do. i'm most concerned with how smoothly it functions on your rig and if it crashes. perhaps if you have 30mins free, you can fire it up and just try to mix videos on the fly. no need to go into detail and digging, just want to know if your computer tweaks out like mine does. word.)

    [sorry about the off-topic talks, me and the raj can bring this back to our own little whispered thread world for the future, hehe]