syncing problems

  • I've consistently had a problem syncing apps to live's clock. With mlr, boinngg, polygome..and now pages pattern recorders. I know I must be doing something fundamentally wrong with my setup or something, because others are doing far more ambitious things than me with syncing controllers, instruments, apps etc...

    In pages I set MIDI IN to Bus 1. I live Bus 1 is set to OUTPUT and INPUT as shown on the attached pic.

    For the life of me I cannot get a good sync to Live's clock. My presses always seem to be off by a fraction of a beat, and if I manage to hit a pattern on the seems to drift after a little while.

    Any suggestions? Any help would be SO appreciated! Thanks.

  • suggestion:
    If Live is the Tempo-Master in your setup, and all other apps are slaves, I think you'll have to remove the Sync on IAC Input 1 in Ableton, and also remove "Track" and "Remote" for IAC Output 1.

    Maybe you know, but if you need more virtual IAC MIDI ports, you can duplicate them in the OSX Audio/Midi settings, and renaming your ports can also help getting things sorted. (for example......."IAC 1 - Sync to pages" etc.)

    Hope this helps.....