[Not] Taking Raja's Advice

  • Raja posted a thing yesterday about why you should not only sample other people but why you should sample yourself. I left the record on for an hour or so and reached for a few instruments and chimes and shit. This is what came about when I put it in the monome. Thanks Raja.


  • This is sounding absolutely great !! Reminds me the sound of the Kora.

    Anyway, home made samples are dope. I mean it. When i don't know what to do, or if inspiration went away, i usually just 'take a mic and record everything in my house', 'come on, cat, make me a Meooooww', 'whooo, spoons and forks, let throw them on a snare covered with honey', etc.

  • I have learned to always take Raja's advise. RajaTheWiseOne should be his new handle but I doubt he'd give it to himself.

    Cool track though. One of my favorite groups is The Books and your homemade samples bring on that kind of sound. Next thing you need to do is expand it. It's over much too soon.

  • "Next thing you need to do is expand it. It's over much too soon."

    Thanks guys. It needs a bass line and hopefully I'll get some female vox on it. The next song on my soundcloud "Clyde and Mudge" has no outside samples either.

    *edit: The drums in the second part of "Clyde and Mudge" are from Active's A-C names sample pack.

  • All samples on this one... I made it at 5am this morning. Your advice sucks raja.lol