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  • ...and because Raja told me to on Facebook, I'm sharing this one as well - has anyone done much work on a video version of MLR? If not, I'd be interested in collaborating on this. I have a few buffering tricks up from various sources that may be useful (or may be totally old hat - I'm sure I'm not the first person to try this)

  • I may not be able to devote much time to a collaboration since I have my own video app that I can't seem to stop tweaking and I only get to work on it in short late night stints but I must say I really liked the play on your video. I would definitely like to check out your patch and see how you're doing it. My app is 64Videofingers which is more based on single button clips rather than rows but I'd be happy to spread any knowledge I've gained in the process.

    With your app I'm having trouble telling whether you have multiple groups or if it's a single group. One major obstacle I've found with video apps is devising a video switching method. There's so many ways to present the images (ie, full screen switching between multiple groups or multi-screen variations). When I first developed the app I made it all full screen and patched in on/off buttons for the video layers, then I transitioned over to multi-screen which seemed more exciting for a music-based video app. Now I wish I could switch between the two styles but the patching never ends.

    Either way great patch. I'd love to check it out.

  • isnt that what this is?

  • Would there be a way to have it running in the backround to mlrv2 (handling audio)? but responding to the same button presses?

    would be epic live.

  • woah woah WOAH

    how come i didn't even think to check the app section to see if anything like this existed

    (short story time)
    Initially my interest came with adding a video section to MLR. I was taking a class last spring in which we had to create music based on 2 degrees of separation from Ozzie Osbourne and have video associated. I chose to work with some samples of audio and video from the movie "Prince of Darkness". I have a 256 with knobs so there was plenty of workspace. I changed my lower left 8x8 into quick audio hits (i guess like 64fingers? never used it...) and the lower right 8x8 as a mixer for 4 videos. I had a recital at my university with 3d mapping on a suspended cube while i controlled the video projection and controlled the audio blasting. It was fucking difficult controlling all that material and prevent it from getting stale and without messing up. Mental workout.

    The class ended so I didn't think much more of refining or developing this app. Then I landed in China with my monome, and someone asked me if I could VJ with it, and i said "sure" and began developing my app "(Bon) VonJome(e)", which I recently showed to Raja for some advice and criticisms, but mostly just for pats on my head.

    Most everything worked alright, except the app crashed a few times during performance. So I definitely can use months of schooling about efficiency and logic.

    anyways i'll post the blueprint of the buttons, and if it interests some I can send you it, but I'd rather not publicly post it since i still think it's a piece of shit.

    but i would definitely like to collaborate on a videomlr.

    (also 64fingers looks badass, i'll be interested in digging into the guts of that)

    1496 x 1496 - 975K
  • oh,

    that first nameless MLR-modified app that i made sent 4 video layers through Syphon to MadMapper. i could have 4 videos going.

    Vonjome is a simple mixer between two videos. Knob #8 for me is the crossfade adjuster. So it's pretty hard to share this between people since not many have knobs (i guess you could have a 2nd controller of external ones). The other knobs are for the FX adjustments (which right now all the FX are Vizzie modules, except for 2 "RGB" and "Colornome"). As depicted in the layout picture, I want to move the fx controls to the upper half, and perhaps i can even make the crossfader up there too.