new video!

  • hey guys! new video with my new lights! a huge thanks to all for making this happen. i've been hard at work since they got here making a new album. i want it to be perfect so i can send it to everyone that helped me out in the campaign and with general good spirits. the song is one off of the monome christmas special, you might remember it.

    the location is tarma, in the andes. i hope you guys like it.

  • beautiful! :)

  • this is really great.

  • Lovely! Both: sounds and images.
    Thank you for making and sharing!

  • wow. i am impressed. so inspiring....

    donĀ“t know what i love more. the sound or the images. thanks a lot for this.

    pura vida!

  • Precioso!

  • thank you all and gracias! hahaha. it was really fun to make (even if trekking to a graveyard at 10 thousand feet above sea level is hard as fuck).

    the little kids there are so into music, it's amazing. we ended up playing with the monome (specifically stretta's wonderful polygome) for hours.

    gracias once again!

  • hey raja! yeah, got the 256 alright, tehn really helped out too. i'm so happy, i can't keep my fingers off it! thanks for everything!!

  • Beautiful video! I loved seeing you in that locale playing on a monome. And the people, and the faces. Congratulations on getting your lights back!