Gig Tomorrow - Mlr not Functional

  • I've used this setup for months with no issue but earlier today groups 1 and 2 in mlrv2 started to output to MaxRuntime1/2 and only to the left channel. I have everything routed correctly in Logic and mlrv2. Groups 3 and 4 work as expected. This only occurs during rewire (Update; this happens sometimes when using the coreaudio driver as well, but the samples get panned hard right. I reinstalled the full version of max and tried to rewire into Live and Logic with the same results. Sweating bullets right now.

  • a frustrated bump

  • I have a gig in two days and can't use my monome. All rewired audio from groups 1 and 2 in mlrv is panned hard left and outputs to rewire group 1 only. Maybe if I dip my laptop in water...

    Update. Reinstalled the ftdi driver with no success. This issue does not affect groups 3 and 4 still. Groups one and two, which are routed to outputs 1+2 and 3+4 respectively in mlrv2 output to rewire group MaxRuntime 1/2 but only to the left channel. I know this community helps a lot of people and right now I'm in need of a bit of help. If this can't be fixed all my hustling for months to get this gig coming up will go to waste. I'm willing to pay someone to help me. Desperation is not a good feeling.

    Update: Tried everything offered in this thread. Still fucked.


    Update to the updates' update: I installed the reason 6 demo because I was told there were updated Re-wire files in the folder. I still have the panning issue.

  • this is probably not much help but in the meantime could you use 6 groups and forget channels one and two?

    I've had weird rewire problems with mlrv2 but usually if I do the setup in a specific order it works out.

    try another version of mlr rewired, do you have the same problem?

  • Spent the last 4 hours trying and researching my problem. I'm at wits end. Sorry to keep obnoxiously bumping this thread but I need help.

  • different computer for the show?

  • Maybe try soundflower if you're on OS X. Max error window may also give a hint what's wrong.

  • The max error window when I start rewire asks if the Rewire mixer is running.

    @peko I don't have another computer. The plan was to take the paycheck from this show and buy a new macbook and a 256. I do the setup in the right order. Dac off, switch to ad_rewire, rewire (on). I've used this setup for months with no hiccup so idk what happened. I may just have to use ableton and my ipad for the show.

    @red. I haven't tried soundflower but I heard it degrades audio quality.

    I'm still working a

  • holy crap. the paycheck from this show is like 2k USD?

    i wish you luck in your error-fixing.

  • something like this happened to me once, the i figured out some cables in my home studio were not plugged in correctly.

    if this happened to me during a show, i'd probably go mono, but that's just me. i hope you can work around this. are you using logic? what version of max?

  • Mac Osx 10.5.8 (i know i know)

    Logic 8.01

    Max Runtime 5, with the full version installed.
    Startup process.
    Open Logic session. Create 5 stereo tracks with the inputs as Bus 1-5.

    Create 5 aux tracks with inputs as MaxMsp Rewire groups 1/2 through 9/10 and outputs bus 1-5.

    Start Max5. Open serialosc mlrv2 patch (same problem with the monomeserial patch). Connect my 40h. Turn off the dac. Switch the driver from coreaudio to ad_rewire. Click the rewire (on) button.

    From there if I drag a sample onto any row and choose groups 1 or 2, the audio from that group goes to Rewire1/2 in Logic but only to the left channel (MaxmspRewire 1). Its not a problem with Logic because the same thing happens when I use Live8 as the rewire host.

    Max Window Screenshot

    Thanks for the help guys. I really mean that.

  • have you checked the I/O mappings at the bottom of max's audio status window?

  • I'm using stereo files and the routing is correct. Should I wipe my hard drive and just re-install logic and max. I would have to remake my mlrv sessions but I guess it would fix the problem.

  • did you find a way to sort it out in time?

  • "have you checked the I/O mappings at the bottom of max's audio status window?"

    How do I get to that window? It doesnt show up in window menu for max. If you are talking about the mixer section in mlrv, the routing is correct and it shows stereo audio in the faders.

    The only error I'm getting now says "OSC-route: No such object"

    "But you are running MLRV2 in Runtime or the full version of Max?"

    I'm using runtime and the rewire inputs are for max runtime.

    The gig is tonight. I'm excited but a little bummed. Im just going to rock out in ableton and act like I'm fiddling knobs.

  • good luck!
    n don't forget to have fun!

  • If you are getting an osc-route error that is due to the osnoopy mod on my serialosc port of mlrv2

    that object is found in the CNMAT complete collection. It shouldn't cause anything to not work

  • Also for time sensitive matter try popping in the irc (chat button on the side) and ask a question. idle if no one responds, someone will eventually. Will be much easier to help live

  • @alpha Will do next time

    Gig went ok. People liked my shit but I felt pretty limited with ableton and my ipad. I'm going to have my hd wiped today and osx 10.7 installed. I don't know how to edit my existing jsons so I'm going to have to remake my main performance json, but in the end I should have a more stable and efficient set up. I've made the decision to go full force with ableton instead of uninspiring, plain jane Logic.
    I got another gig in November opening up for Jonwayne! My setup should be right by then.

    Thanks for the help guys.