I use a Steel Jazzmaster Guitar And a Monome

  • http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/3317/201207081341742505.jpg

    The guitar is made by the french luthier Loic Lepape

    Here is some of my songs, from my projet "After Midnight Technically Tomorrow"


    My favorites:




    A video demo with a little improvisation:

    any comments are welcomed

  • that setup picture is awesome.

    good music too!
    i'm still looking on a way to make my guitar (or ukulele) and monome meet together for ultimate ambient awesomeness!

  • haha, are u using your feet to play the monome % press the buttons?
    what tiny toes you got... ;-)

  • Ditto re nice set-up! That guitar looks amazing! Will check out the video & musics when I'm home from work!

  • New!


    with the PEDNOME, a monome that I can use with my feet ! (a must have for a guitarist!)

  • nice man. good idea for a monome's use in the guitar realm

  • hahaha, that's so cool.

    Mind sharing some infos about your pednome?
    As a guitarist i'm really interested in that!

  • apparently its a computer keyboard re-housed inside of something more...durable and pedal-like. probably using a keyboard-to-monome app in conjunction with his monome.

  • *palmface*


  • It's exactly that !

    and I use the patch "nonome" with a mapping keyboard program (ukulele) to change the letter on each button of the keyboard.

    For the max msp guitarist user, it's a dream !

    If you're interested I could talk to my step father about building a few more... what price could make this interesting to you ?

  • i made a similar box while back:


    get a usb keyboard. open it up. work out some pin connections for keys. put spst switches (if i remember rightly) in between. house in a brownie tin (optional)..

    also mash has built in optional keyboard bindings in the midi section...

  • In the midi section ?

    Where can I find that ?

  • settings/midisettings

  • @starfucker:
    Thanks for the offer, but first of all i'm based in Germany, secondly i ll build it myselfe, if i have some time.
    Just needed a tip to show me the right direction.