Conway's Game of Life - Max/M4L Version

  • hello hello,

    just doing a bit of work updating and improving a version of Conway's Game of Life i built for some coursework at uni.

    it's not finished yet but, the algorithm itself works over various monome sizes, outputs leds to monome and receives presses to create life.

    it also outputs midi notes and soon ccs, albeit very simply so far. i'll be adding in thresholds, randomisation, delaying of some notes, to make it a bit more interesting.

    idea is to think of lots of different ways to generate useable information from the grid, and then allow people to choose which to use. any ideas on more interesting ways to do this are welcome.

    so yeah, download it, have a mess around, take it apart, put it back together and let me know what you think.

  • hey awesome! Life is awesome! Definitely going to dive into this!

  • i guess this is a newbie question, but how do i use this in max for live?
    I cannot open a maxpat here.



  • super quick m4l version here, just opened the maxpat in max, selected all, copied it, and pasted into a blank m4l midi device.

    haven't tested at all, so no guarantees.

  • @novasnoa,
    As you might derive from Myr's description of opening a .maxpat file in max for live to produce that file? Yes, you can.

  • Thanks a lot guys, now i also can see that from within m4l i can open maxpat files....
    I will have to spend more time in finding out how it all works!

    The m4l file from Myr the serial osc window doesnt work, it doesnt show me my monome. zeroconfig is installed...
    Any ideas?

  • it uses the new serialosc discovery api, no need for zeroconf. does require serialosc 1.2 though.

    it doesn't auto connect when u open the app to stop it taking over control from any app u may have running at the time. so u need to click the top-most button which should say "not connected" to get the menu to populate with connected monomes.

    just a work in progress, more to come soon when I get back from Germany.

  • You're in Germany atm?? Which city??

  • Evolution doesn't seem to do anything for me, and my 256 isn't registering button presses, though if i click evolve, my monome lights accordingly. Am I doing something wrong?