application concept: visualization control, monome VJing

  • While there are already great apps for triggering video such as 64fingers, I have yet to find one for generating non-video visuals. So I'm thinking about making my own!

    Rather than triggering video clips, one triggers different types of abstract objects. These would be animations of anything from 2D or 3D polygons to complex fractal patterns. These patterns could either be loops or one-shots, and patterns could also be tempo-synced, quantized and recorded into patterns.

    Then I want to have an FX strip, DJ64 style. FX could include things like tiling, gradients, melting, exploding, spiraling, glitching, bitcrushing, waves, strobing, inversion and so on. Just like DJ64, holding down the fx button would open access to parameters for that effect, and there would be a latch option as well.

    I'd also like to throw in options for changing scenes and generating random backgrounds or objects, perhaps within a certain color palette.

    I've never coded a monome app before so I'm not sure the best way to start. I'm considering writing it in processing with monomic, since I'm more familiar with creating the kind of visualizations I want in processing. However, I think things like pattern recording would be easier to code in max/msp. Perhaps it would be possible to connect the two? Please let me know if you have advice or more ideas.

  • pattern recording is doable in max/msp.

    if you also throw jitter and opengl into the mix, the max/msp/jitter environment is capable of yielding the application you desire.

  • i've been working on a VJ-MLR style app. I want to do more abstract visuals but don't know how to synthesize any of them. maybe with your knowledge of that, and my base for the VJ patch, we can create something.