App : Chord Machine (M4L+256)

  • Hi !

    Here my very first max/msp (M4L) and monome 256 app.
    It's a chord step sequencer.
    I hope you'll like it ;)

    and your feedback are really welcome !


  • this looks fantastic!!

  • damn right it does! downloading...

  • Like i said, this is my first app, i hope there's not so many bugs or strange things.
    It look like to have a very high cpu, i don't why...
    please let me know ;)

  • can't wait to try out!

    nice to have you around here. I've been enjoying your tracks a lot.

  • Just knew bout this app recently and playing with it in live 8.4 with max 5.19, everything working fine with a 2011 256. But when i switched over to using it in live 9 with max6.11(tried using both 32bit and 64 bit version), i wasnt able to connect it to my 256.

    Just wondering if anyone else able to run in live 9 with a 256. Iam on osx 10.6.8, seriaosc 1.2a.

  • Also tried this on a 2011 256 on LIve 9 (OSX 10.8.4), can't connect. it reads as device m0000138 and on Monome Test i connect with m0000152.

    Just tried it on 8, so much potential. Sound quality is surprisingly lush. Might even decide to keep my 256 indefinitely because of it. Anyway, hope it gets developed more.

    Variable intensity would be an epic win, but I'd be happy just to get it working in 9.