Come see me perform with the Stanford CCRMA Ensemble this Saturday

  • Are you in the bay area? You should come Saturday night to check out this event

    Let me know if you are coming and I'll make sure to say hi!!!

    (I will be performing with a monome fwiw)

  • I wish, just left! Have a rad show man.

  • How'd it go?

    Is there video?

  • It went great... there will definitely be video.

    I'm showing a new installation tonight if anyone is in the bay area

  • Just leaving the bay area now. :(

    (client meeting for work; the timing almost worked out, but didn't)

  • i should go to this...

    anyone interested in carpool from SF? find me in the irc. i'm rknLA during the daytime

  • shit i missed this. i work down embarcadero road in palo alto within miles of the university. if another event happens and anyone needs a ride from the caltrain station, hit me!