/parallelogram/ SOLSTICE + mlrv 2.3 release

  • "please join us for a remote performance from galapagoose and %, celebrating the release of mlrv 2.3, the final release in the mlrv series. we'll also be releasing the digital version of the duo's 2012 effort ~003, along with a special $5 sale on the cassette version of the release."


  • genius! can't wait!!!


  • hot damn!

  • +1 for digital version

    (sorry. it's been a long time since I owned a cassette player)

  • Just grabbed one of each release... Keep up the good work guys. Looking forward to the 2.3 release!

  • 2.3 2.3 2.3!, but dam time zones! itll be midday in japan, have to work.

  • egg nog, galapagoose, %, and mlrv 2.3, tonight, yesssss.

  • great news!

  • i would also like to voice a wish to record the live stream for those of us like pekopeko who won't be able to watch live?

  • it's a 4am coding partyyyyyy

  • No one's reacting to the "final release" aspect.

    That'll probably sink in some day.

  • Yeah that sort of sucks.

  • I guess we can just wait a year or so and then put some kickstarter together and seduce galapagoose to make another update with our sweet sweet greenbacks.

  • has 2.3 been posted yet, couldn't find it. thx.

  • I'm guessing the timing of the release intimately coincides with their webcast tonight.


    Timezone calculator:

  • by "final release" we hope to mean "it deals with all the problems you've had and adds a few new details to make you extra happy".

    also, in so drawing a line under mlrv, we're able to move on to new and exciting projects that will hopefully have a greater combined impact that just another update to this software!

    see you in 3.5 hours for the release!!

  • got it, thanks. have a great show!

  • whoa what!

  • show's live right now! watchin', enjoyin' the beats.

  • projecting this live @controlvoltage!

  • Eyo!!! Lets all hop in #monome !!!

  • Watching in a mackydees in Japan on lunch break via iPhone
    Can't wait to get home to make beats.
    What times 2.3 available!!!!?

  • http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=monome

  • Arrg I missed it last minute christmas shopping! Booooo! Is there any way to see a past Ustream? Probably not....sigh.


  • tried to record, but my connection dropped out right as i finished my set and unfortunately ustream doesn't write to your disk while recording

    did anyone manage to grab a copy?

  • well at least we get to see gooses soundcheck? ha. 04.30 in the morning was a bit late/early, but can't wait to get down with 2.3. brought only my 128 for the holidays, getting some serious focusing done.

  • thanks eeerbody for tuning in! apologies for the connection issues during my set, our internet tubes weren't flowing properly.

    hope to do more of these in the future!