Mini LA Meetup at aperiodic-industries

  • The fine people at aperiodic-industries have offered their space to us to hold a mini meetup / hack-night.

    They are located in the Downtown LA warehouse district.

    Anyone interested?

  • !!! What are days over the next week and change that works the best for you guys?

  • I can work around this, so any evening is probably fine. But not tomorrow, 'cause I'll die. (I'm midway through another all-nighter right now)

    And then, I'm supposed to be out of town for a meeting on January 3rd, which means not staying out late on the 2nd, etc. But I'm 90% sure that it's going to be cancelled, so whatever.

    Let's say Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve are probably bad for a lot of people. (Although, somebody's bound to be performing New Years Eve. They should take this opportunity to promote their show...)

  • Wish i lived in LA... pictures wanted!

  • If we post video, would that satisfy your need for imagery? (I'd rather capture ideas and discussions than faces. It's not like this is a gathering of supermodels...)

    That said, we are throwing this together pretty last-minute, so who knows if we'll have any ideas or discussions worth sharing? Maybe pics are better.

  • +1 for video!!!

  • wednesday december 26 and on works for me, will be traveling until then.

  • i vote for 26th or 27th

  • Works for me!

    (and for those of you marking my schedule on your calendars, the January 3rd meeting is indeed cancelled)

  • that works for me as well.

  • I'll try to make it out whatever the date.

  • We are confirmed for the 27th... Currently looking like it will be on for 7pm. I will update with a few more details closer to the date :D

  • is there an agenda?
    perhaps we should start by reading the minutes of the last meeting? (at which brian kicked a belligerent hobo out of machineproject)

  • Ha! I forgot that happened.
    (totally remember now)

  • "you have got to go"

  • Brian handled that in a very assertive way!

    I'll see you all Thursday.

    Thanks to GreaterThenZero for reminding me there are other places for communication except Facebook.

  • awesome!!!

    With that in mind... if you guys can think of anyone else that might have missed this post you should totally get in touch with them.

  • Greater, just to get me in the mood of that somewhere, some awesome people are meeting up to do some button mashing :3

  • cool. looking forward.

  • I'd be interested in showing off 64videofingers and would love to get all your thoughts on ways to improve it. I don't nessecarily have a performance but I am continually developing it and I could attempt to put together some presets to show.

  • @egon77

    this will probably be fairly informal... I don't think we are going to have a PA let alone be planning performances...

    that being said I think we would all love to see the latest iteration of 64 videofingers!!! I think there is a projector there, so we could definitely get something going.

  • Sweet! No worries. I have a projector and I can bring sound as well. Looking forward to it!

  • I can't top 64videofingers, but I did buy some alcohol.

  • Oh Yeah

    1933 S. Broadway, 11th floor, suite 1130, Los Angeles, CA 90007

  • Some more details

    Aperiodic-Industries is requesting that attendees sign up at the above link

    Now from the last time I went to their location, I did have to go in an employee entrance and sign in with security to get in the building. We'll do our best to put obvious signage up to show you guys how to get in.

  • The above mentions watching videos. Should we gather a playlist, or was that an oblique reference to 64videofingers?

  • I doubt 64videofingers. I'm just bringing the stuff to set up wherever I can fit. Looking forward to meeting and seeing folks and hopefully getting some advice on a few things in me app. I'm definitely intrigued by the location.

  • I don't think I'll have slept between now and then. If any of you are meeting me for the first time, I'm usually more coherent.

    (it's all work stuff; nothing exciting)

  • We might host a google hangout if any of ya'll want to be a part of the meet up!

  • I'm super bummed guys! Unfortunately, I got called into work today and I'm stuck here now trying to get a project done for tomorrow. I thought I was going to be off this week but now it looks like I could possibly be here Saturday too. Sorry guys! I wish I could be there!

  • Heading out now. Should be relatively close to on-time.

  • Just so people know... you are going to want to go in the Employees entrance...

  • We spent much of the night trying to make the google hangout public. Thought that the hangout itself was being recorded, so we didn't bother filming separately, but were mistaken about that last part.

    (so, no pics or video -- apologies to Vurma)

    Met some cool people who are not part of the forums. (Shout out to Jeremy, who will never read this.)

    Things were discussed. Beer was drank. Virtual hats and monacles were worn. Makingthenoise was able to join us remotely, and noise was made.

    Myles' multitouch web interface on the Nexus 7, controlling a chuck patch on his laptop, was probably the hit of the evening. Close second: Ray's beard.

    I showed off a couple of half-cooked experiments w/ Beatsurfing and max for live I've been playing with. (mostly different ways to toggle realtime quantization settings without interrupting workflow)

    Things learned for next time: Have a mixer, and amplification.

    Also learned: I am completely irresponsible with money.
    (warning sign: I can't remember what any of my gear costs)

  • Sounds like fun!
    Wish I were there.
    Lame (and hard to believe in this day and age) that no one took any pictures!??...

  • We were broadcast live on YouTube the whole time, and the broadcast was projected on a wall to remind us. Whipping out a camera seemed redundant.

    (but, yes. neither sharing nor recording that broadcast particularly worked)

  • Sounds awesome. I'm sorry I couldn't make it out. Virtual hats and monocles, eh? I'm intrigued.

  • argh! I missed this. Another lesson to check the forums more often.

  • This one manifested pretty abruptly. If you blinked, you'd have missed the announcement.