AniMoog for iPad in the app store

  • There goes another dollar flying out of my wallet...

  • this looks amazing!

  • I'll be trying this out later today...their filter app was nice.
    But this seems to be on another level entirely.
    Now I can have some serious fun playing my apps with my keyboards or my keyboards with my apps or controlling both with other gear...

  • also the filter app is a dollar for the time being

    i downloaded it but haven't had much time to mess with it yet.

  • It has some nice touches, no pun intended.
    I like how you can change timbres etc. by hitting higher or lower on the keys, moving the x-y thing with its orbiting objects, and of course the oscilloscope graphics are cool but you can always toggle them off when you get overwhelmed by visual cues and distractions. GUI is a nice middle ground between thumb jam (very simple app, no-nonsense, no distractions) and Morphwiz (walk on the wild side). Closer to the Morphwiz end of things (edit: at the top half of the screen anyhow).
    The synthesis options and performance possibilities are considerable!

  • just a heads up to those who have this app that you should update before 12/31 to get v2.0 w/ 4-track recording for free (i think it's 5 bucks after that)

    there's also a grateful dead expansion pack that's 5 bucks (didn't seem too impressive from the video)