UK (Northwest) meetup?

  • Seeing the LA meetup made me think that it'd be nice to do one over here. Not sure if there's been one before, or if there are enough NW-ish monomers to make a meeting viable.

    Can probably arrange to do it at MadLab (hack space) in manchester city center, though I've not spoken to them about this. Recently had a max meetup there, and I've done a circuit bending workshop before and they were nice about stuff.

    Anyone interested in something like this?

  • In 2010, a few of us from UK austria and spain met up in London and had a great night.

    Id most certainly travel up from scotland to meet some old (and new) faces.

  • London would probably be the most logical/busy, I was just thinking if there were a bunch up here already that it could be cool.

    I'm not plugged in in London though, so we'd need a local to organize stuff etc..

  • Sorry, I wasnt suggesting London again, I'd love to visit Manchester!

  • Works for me obviously. Let's see what other folks are interested.

  • I'm London based, but paying attention! Also member of London Hackspace (though not very involved). Rail fare from London to Manchester is insane unless booked well ahead.

    What about Birmingham/Sheffield/Leicester/Huddersfield? They all have universities with active electronic music/technology departments, so there may be other options.

    I *could* be interested in helping with event management.

    What do people expect to get out of this kind of thing? I'm guessing:
    *Some nifty and lightly educational presentations on
    *Some kind of workshop
    *FTF networking
    *A gig opportunity or two
    *Easy access to food, drink, lodging (assuming it would be an overnighter)

    Would it be interesting to mix it up with a Max/MSP event? Arduino-based event?

  • London to Manchester cannot be anymore than Dundee to Manchester...

    I expect nothing more than good chat and beer.

  • @Dean
    There's me overcomplexifying things again. Story of my life.

    Good chat and good beer is most welcome!

  • 'overcomplexifying'

    enough said. haha

  • i'm london based but would probably be up for travelling to manchester

  • I'm in hudds a lot too (phd there) so I can chat up some of the tech people, though I've not seen too many monomers.

    We can tie a max/msp thing into it too.

    I think it'd be cool to have some hanging as well as maybe some (informal-ish) presentations, and maybe some performance spots.

    Maybe we can make it an 'all-dayer' kind of thing to maximize the stuff, but still have the possibility for people to head home on a late train if they so desire (ie the 'gig' part of the thing being like 7-10 or something reasonable like that).

  • a whole day thing sounds good! Id most likely get a hotel too.

  • NW UK here. haven't got a set so couldn't perform but i'd be up for attending. been meaning to go to madlab for a while now.

  • I'd be up for doing a short set. Anyone else interested in performing?

  • Im in Halifax, deffo interested. Huddersfield would be great ^^ but Manc also good. Could maybe perform a short set too

  • and guys- return megabus from london to hudds (/north) takes 4approx hour and can be gotten for next to nothing if booked a few day in advance. maybe a good alternative if ur travelling up and can grab a place to stay!

  • Could maybe perform some sort of improv set.

  • As in? Like multiple people together?

    My sets are all improv, which is why I ask.

  • We could do a collaborative set. Sounds awesome! I was meaning just solo improv.