Serialosc freaking out with Arduino?

  • Has anyone run into serialosc freakouts when doing unrelated arduino/serial stuff?

    I've been doing some sensor to DMX stuff for the last week and I'll notice my fan spinning up only to check activity monitor to have serialosc fully spawned and gobbling 100% cpu.

    I've got no monome stuff plugged in, just accessing serialports via the serialobject in max.

    Not getting any cpu flareups using regular monome stuff, it's only happening with Arduino stuff.

    I'm on mountain lion, macbook pro, but don't know how to find my serialosc version.

  • yep, this is known and fixed in the Git repo.

  • So the latest version up there?

    I take it needs to be compiled?

  • How do you kill all serialosc? I think it's cockblocking my arduino stuff now.

    Can't kill them in activity monitor, it's like trying to play whack-a-mole with the spawning over and over.

  • I've tried:

    killall serialoscd
    killall -KILL serialoscd
    sudo killall -KILL serialoscd

    all with no success.

  • so much violence...

  • lol

    i guess without knowing terminal language, it seems like a wicked brutal haiku

  • "all with no success"
    is such a poetic and poignant ending.
    depressing, yet hopeful.

  • > launchctl unload /Library/LaunchAgents/org.monome.serialosc.plist

    launchd auto-respawns serialosc when you kill it.