MLR + Ableton Question

  • I have been using MLR and Ableton together for a while now. I'm routing the audio from MLR into Ableton to control effects and launch additional clips with my APC40.

    My question is: Is there anyway that I can control effects on each group in MLR separately rather than controlling the effects on the overall MLR input channel? In other words is there a way to route each group into ableton on separate channels? That way I can control an effect on Group 1 without affecting groups 2-4

    Or is there another application besides MLR that might be more suited to what I'm trying to accomplish?

    Thanks for your help

  • MLR aes edit has outs via rewire that you could try.

    or download here

  • mlrv2 has the ability to do this as well i believe; i was able to get 6 stereo groups rewired to ableton.

    i've gotten it to work a couple times but i don't remember exactly how to do it, but i imagine it's nothing too tricky.