Wood Gear

  • Been working on a live set with things which include wood:

  • My good man, do you have over ten hands? Whats going on here?

  • yo jay, this is radical! i'm curious how the arc fits into all of this?? looking forward to more!

  • That's a remarkably nice scale reference for a lot of devices.
    (So, the Soundplane is roughly the width of a 512?)

    That said... why are you standing in the corner? Is this punishment for buying so much gear? =)

  • yeah, i was interested to see how large the manta was too, in comparison to the 256.

  • @Vurma : actually he kind of does ...

    382 x 640 - 123K
  • Right! I forgot this was him:
    (insert "beat juggling" joke here)

    So, yeah. Probably not using all of the gear all at once, but making good use of it at appropriate moments. Very cool. I wish we were on the same continent; will probably miss the new show. Hope there will eventually be video?