64 & Reactable

  • Got a 64 working on the Reactable tonight! Finally had time to try this out, can route any monome app to the midi puck on the table. Had flin controlling the synth puck. Super easy and so much fun!!! Also managed to connect the OP-1 as a midi controller which shows up on the table as well.

  • Semi stupid question: Is this for the iPad Reactable app or are you awesome enough to have a real Reactable?

    Edit: Just saw the pic. Can you adopt me?

  • Very cool! How about putting the monome on top of the table with a reactable symbol underneath? :)

  • @dby - here's a video i made a few years ago showing what you describe:


    but this video was made with the table software before they released anything commercially... now on the reactable live tables which they sell to the public they've really cleaned up the software and narrowed down the options of what is possible to the point where it took me this long to do almost the same thing as 3 years ago. though i must admit that now the solution of how to interact with external control over the table is much more elegant than on the early prototype.

  • Ah yeah, I thought I had seen it somewhere before. Anyways, looks really fun. :)