gamers thread

  • ha no me too but i've stopped. such a stressful game, bf3 supplies all my fps needs for now :)

  • im just past act 1 as a demon hunter in diablo 3, guuner#1293 if anyone is keen to play.

    So much for getting any coding done this week ;|

  • waiting for Torchlight 2...

  • What maersk said...

    Wish I hadn't wasted my money on MW3, bought b/c I was in a clan for who knows what reason...Played maybe an hour of it.

  • If any Ps3 users want to play Mw3, send me a friend request. My name is Cornbreadjr. I tried to pick the most idiotic redneck name possible. Make sure you say something about the monome in your message.

  • diablo 3

  • still tapping away excessive, almost obsessively on COD Black Ops. Always plan to make music after work, but sometimes too loud for kids, so PS3 gets all the attention.....darn

    friend request if anyone on it same as my user name

  • so recently i have been into board games.. as in an almost unhealthy obsession (much like with my monomes before haha).

    any board game geeks here? and by board games i mean outside monopoly, clue, scrabble..

    EDIT: looks like there were a couple posts about board games already. i played Settlers of Catan once and love it! looking forward to playing again!

  • Rummikub......that is all :-)

  • rummikub! haven't played that in forever, always fun

    been playing FTL lately here and there, highly recommended!

  • been playing FTL too!! brilliant game. it actually feels very board game-ish.

    also i recommend hotline miami! great great game and AMAZING soundtrack! listen here:

  • yes! very board game-ish, or as i like to think of it, oregon trail in space.

    hotline looks good, haven't tried it out yet but i caught a giantbomb quick look on it. the soundtrack is -killer- though.

  • Grabbed Hotline Miami for $2.49 with a $5 promo credit from Amazon, not tried yet.

    On another note, I offered these on the mutable instruments site, but no gamers seem to hang there much so I'm offering two DOTA 2 game keys here. Only requirement - one interesting sentence stating why you should get it. I need a laugh, or philosophy, or something (a 1024 monome would be killer).

  • Zelda

    Doom 1

  • Amen to the Doom series

  • thought this might be relevant:

  • i could never get that far in FTL. cant figure out how to save and when u die u start completely over. no tutorials or manual either. i'm probably missing something obvious. Hotline Miami is a lot easier to get into. great game.

  • i think FTL was designed that way on purpose. and don't worry, you're not alone - i have not beaten the game even on easy mode!

  • @shimoda

    I would love to get in on the DOTA action! I have been trying to get a key forever.

    As for thought provoking sentence.

    "Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought".

  • i obviously haven't played FTL in a while. i go into it last night and found there is a tutorial, and a save+quit option.

    btw i have 2 DOTA keys i can give away too. i didn't really dig it. everyone that plays is pro. they're up for grabs, just post your steam id if you want one.

  • picked up a 3ds XL around christmas time...right now i got zelda thinkin about gettin other games...any suggestions?

  • i must admit ive been really deep into dota these past few months. Mostly bot games, but the fun exists ;D

  • I'm looking forward to this

  • that sir you are being hunted game looks pretty awesome!

    i've recently been bit by a retro console bug and have been picking up old nes/snes stuff i remember from my childhood. emulators are awesome but there's something about having the real physical items. anyone else collecting this stuff?

  • Yeah man! Ive gotten back on the n64 man that system was badass

  • Now I'm torally digging Sword & Sworcery!
    Amazing game and amazing soundtrack!
    I also play a lot of LOTR games and Minecraft

  • oh, also I always re-play the whole Half-Life series

  • Been Playing Planetside 2 for a couple of month now.Its pretty sweet but needs a Badass rig to work good.And having 2000 people in a shooter on one map is kinda epic.
    Its Free btw.

  • +1 on Sword & Sworcery. Excellent integration of the soundtrack, especially the fights get an epic feel to them. Beautiful pixel graphics.

    Also enjoyed Machinarium recently.

  • Any EVE players out there?

  • Tried it but didn't feel like dealing with the pace and learning curve, theoretically it looks great.


    awesome game. local multiplayer is a lot of fun. brilliant soundtrack by daedelus.

  • i haven't played nidhogg yet but the quick look is hilarious, looks like a lot of fun (and sounds awesome of course)

  • i need nidhogg in my life