apologies for dormancy

  • This is just a trivial post saying that I am finally getting back into the monome community. I've been quite busy with getting married and moving to Nashville, and as such have neglected my beloved monome brethren. I'm sure I have days of reading ahead of me on the forums, and much updating to be done on my configurations. Great to see you guys again. Feel free to drop some thread links that I may have missed that you feel to be of importance from this last year.

    Also... here is a composition I did for my wedding processional: http://bit.ly/wddng

    and a remix (mostly original content, so I don't think it can aptly be called a remix): http://bit.ly/lisbonrmx

  • p.s. any monomers in the nash area?

  • i won't lie i don't think we ever chatted here....but welcome back and congratulations for your wedding !

  • just so! anyone who is keen to be here is a real boon, welcome back!

  • I think you two have seen him here before, but that he used to have vowels in his username.

  • This is truth.