my new setup is ready!!(video)

  • so i´m super excited, i finally got this done, my arduino controller is up and running and the software is kinda done (enough to show off atleast ;)

    i feel the need to thank tehn for his fantastic creation, altho iv´e built things before, the monome has inspired me a lot, and finally drove me to get rid of all those plastic boxes! this is a major leap for us and our setup and it takes our whole concept of improvising a step forward.

    a clip launcher on the right, a "sort of realtime" mlr clone + realtime step recording for the drums on the left and in the middle my self built controller.

    if anyone´s interested i will gladly shed light on how it works and share this software sometimes soon, i cant really promise that i can make it stable and working for everybody, but if someones feels like working on it... :)

  • ahhhh why do i have to be at work, i wanna watch this now!

  • very nice.

  • super duper!

  • Oh yes. Is the thing in the middle ardunio based?

  • @ TheLaughingMan

    yes, it is :)

    here are some fotos

    1944 x 1769 - 466K
    1883 x 1840 - 749K
    2377 x 1178 - 537K
  • Oh my! That's cool. The track is great too!

  • wow!
    just wow!
    i would love to know how your effects are setup in ableton.
    is the arduino sending midi cc's?

  • @KingWilliam, there are almost no effects right now, just filters, reverbs a delays and one beatrepeat on the master, the effects will come later i guess :)
    its just a demo

    the arduino is sending 10bit serial data which is then converted to osc via max and then either to midi or controls live directly via liveAPI features which is cool cause you can stay 10bit...

    there is a config panel patch in max4live which allows you to save all settings (toggle/momentary + cc/note mode for the buttons, curves for the faders and such)

    it´s kind of just the beginning, i guess ill add more features when ill get to it, i just had to get it done so i can start performing with it soon..

  • YES! i like this a lot!

  • i just had to watch this again

    it kills me when that arp kicks in at 00:59!

    love it!

  • WOW! Great stuff. The monome with the "'sort of realtime' mlr clone + realtime step recording" looks like a lot of fun to play with!

  • cool new setup! reminiscent of a dj with his mixer and decks. i especially love that its all diy. and the app on the left looks awesome, please share it when its ready. :)

  • the skinnerbox 12" on Bpitch is a killer - love this live take

  • awesome, man!

  • loved this vid. Youve made me wanna build my own controller, information is eagerly awaited man

  • Boom! I'm thoroughly impressed. I had seen your teaser pictures before and I was looking forward to this. One half great hardware, one half great performance, and one half great sounds. Adds up to one and a half awesome. Keep it comin!

  • agreed, this is awesome. very clean, looks easy to set up and break down.

  • thanks to all for the good words!

    i will do my best to share it and make it available, its just a matter of finding time to do so..

  • @sbx
    you lost me at 10 bit. nevermind my ignorance...
    the preformance and setup is truly beautiful.

  • @KingWilliam, no worries, my explantation was also about vague; the faders,potis and such sending analog values between 0 and 5 volts to the arduino which are then being digitalized to values between 0 and 1023(10bit) so it just means that instead of using the relatively poor midi resolution (7bit= 127 steps per controller) one can use these values directly via liveAPI to control effects and such and achieve much "preciser" control :)

  • so we premiered it today in the morning in berlin for the first time, and it was great fun!

    here´s the set if someone is interested

    ill do my best to put up all the build info/code asap

  • Sick!

    Been looking into building a similar controller with an arduino, very interested in build info, great work!

  • I've watched the video several times now. I love the song. What is going on with the vocals? They sound so great.

  • just wanted to share another vid featuring this (in the meanwhile almost a year old) setup which still serves me very well and will be shared one day when i finally find the time! :)

  • great video!

  • Holy shit man.

  • Wow. You guys make the french duos sound uncool. Good team!

  • straight banging!

  • This is awesome! Great work man ;)

  • yet another vid from another perspective, for your consideration

  • yes. good stuff!

  • Did you need to use an ArduinoMEGA to get all of that stuff to work together?

  • @dajiao, actually not, it was done with a plain arduino duemilanove and a bunch of multiplexers/shift registers

  • Very cool! Thanks for the tip.

    I will be embarking on my own controller build later this year and it's always great to see what others have been able to do successfully.

    I also just watched your Slices feature. So good!


  • Hmm.. Those buttons look sexy. Where did you get them?

  • @Vurma got them here:

  • VERY interesting! great job, sbx!

    i was wondering, since i'm just getting into m4l and all that, how is your beat repeat set so it drops pitch like that?

  • @genko, just tweaking with the pitch/pitch decay knobs

  • yea ive always found the beat repeat pitch decay to come up with some really cool results. especially in the INs only option.

    really like your setup by the way really cool stuff.

    any thoughts about posting a full setlist video? id love to see more stuff