/mlrv2.3/ dev feedback

  • na man, maybe u misunderstood me. i'm talking about taking a midi file (.mid), drop it in mlr and assign it to a row just like a sample. then route that row's midi clip to a synth or drum rack in ableton while chopping it up on the monome. mlrv definitely does not do this.

  • there are no plans that mlrv will gain this functionality, as it is in our minds too much of an excursion from the sample-centric nature of mlrv.

    why not have a go at programming it yourself with the 30-day max trial, or you could look at another open-source software package.

    further, we have no plans to create an mlrv3 — at this stage we're putting our finishing touches on what we feel is a very solid, and mature patch.

  • @galapagoose
    i hear ya man. just throwing the idea out there. i'm still learning the basics in max, all i've ever done is customize/mod existing apps a bit. probably too ambitious for my first patch, but i'll get there someday. looking forward to 2.3!

  • Thanx galapagoose looking forward 2 !!!
    Greetings reinhard

  • whats the status? i thought this was going to be posted yesterday...