BR?INF?RT // the archaeologist // walkman + cassette tape pack


    available on limited edition walkman + cassette tape pack
    free digital

  • This sounds great man. I love the walkman promo too. Brilliant.

  • thanks homie!!!!

  • I need another tape player like I need another hole in my head, but I still got in on this. Love your work thus far, homey. You dudes should bring your bohemian spaceship to Portland, OR next tour ;-)

  • thanks noah!!! u already know in my mind i'm already there :::::)

    ps never enough tape players!!! haha

  • oh i shipped your pack out today btw (and everyone else's)

    i tried yesterday, but the presidents were partying too hard

  • Cool! I can use another tape player, just paid for mine, thanks!
    Is there an option to order just a cassette as well?

  • @RIngo, indeed. As it so happens I am currently a postal carrier out here.

    It is in fact the toughest job I've ever had (I've had many and varied occupations in my young life). Walking all day six days a week. I'll take whatever day off I can get ;-)

  • @blungo thanks mang!!!!!
    there isn't that option at the moment, but there prob should be!

    @talks dude i'll bet, there is a cute mail carrier lady in my neighborhood. she has some bangin legs/calves dude. lol