welcome to the new monome.org

  • please let us know if you discover problems. i'll try to get everything sorted as quickly as possible.

    if something is absolutely messed up e-mail info@monome.org please!

    thank you!

  • ok, we're live. someone post an "ok i'm here?"

  • ok i'm here...

  • docs and community tab look un-formatted or something wierd. all the other 'tabs' of the new site look great. ...from my ipad.

  • Forums are unformatted. I'm seeing two broken links to CSS files:

  • (both are 403: forbidden)

  • Yeah, things look pretty badly on my end as well.
    This can't be how this is intends, I think.

  • I found a problem! there's flash on the homepage ;)

  • haven't searched for anything bad, but i just wanted to say that i dig ;)

  • my account is borked. password not recognised, password reset broken too.

  • edit. nevermind. site looks great. congrats.

  • There's also a broken link on the home page:
    (we discuss it collectively -here-)

    As with the CSS links, swapping "llllllll.org" with "monome.org" resolves to correct file paths, so probably a global find-and-replace would fix everything.

  • me likey

    how do you add an avatar? can't seem to see it in my account options anywhere.

  • Same here, formatting broken on docs/community.

  • thanks for those! tried to comb out the llll's but still seem to be a few there.

    remember some issues can be fixed immediately with a cache purge.

  • Great new look! Fine here on I phone. Broken formatting on I pad

  • avatars are gravatar.com

  • gah no ipad here.

  • llll links fixed.

  • if you don't want to be listed on the "who's online" you can make yourself invisible on your profile page.

  • also this is a new server. with my connection the forum is remarkably faster. any other opinions?

  • strange and wonderful! look forward to exploring.

    i see the arduinome discussion section has gone away.

    can't really blame you there nor was it exactly hopping lately anyway.

  • miss the "last comment by" button.

  • definitely quicker on a computer - seems a bit slower to load on my phone. Though that could just be my shitty 3g connection

  • Love how i can everyone and my own comments and discussions when clicking there usernames!

  • images and gifs broken ::::((((

    otherwise i'm diggin the new layout!

  • when you click on a username, it says the visit count is zero. i always enjoyed looking at that =]

  • mmm, I have a gravatar but I'm not seeing the place to link it in my preferences?

  • visit count seems to be the only thing that is didn't migrate properly.

    i'm not sure how the gravatar refresh works, will look into it.

  • @poorpot "last comment by" is still there, those words just aren't. the user name shown in the thread is the last comment and the time it happened.

  • i lumped lots of categories together into "general" as the categories weren't being well used.

  • Has the whisper feature disappeared? Post from someone on my trade forum thread have gone...

  • gravatars are associated with email addresses. if your gravatar isn't showing up, make sure your gravatar and monome forum account have the same email address.

  • ^ i did this and after about 10 minutes my wolf eating another wolf's face avatar popped up. magic.

  • nothing big but embedded pics seem to obscure the comments box until you hover over them (see before and after pic below). mind you this work computer is only running ie8.

    550 x 436 - 61K
  • sweet site! way into it/great work

  • iPhone theme doesn't show any sign of there being an attachment (the before and after pic jhindsight mentions). I assume there is one on a real browser?

    Mobile forum experience is otherwise vastly improved.

    EDIT: Sitting at my laptop now. Attachments confirmed. In safari for mac, the Before/After observation is reversed. Filename and size are hidden until rolled over, then go away on roll out. That would seem to be correct behavior, on this browser.

  • beautiful! well done :)

  • can you delete my oootini and tini logins? one or other of those is preventing me from logging in correctly

  • Interesting side note:
    My account is actually using the old site's avatar. I have a gravatar account, and it's got two images uploaded to it, but neither one is the GTZ logo.

    The primary one is this, which I should probably change 'cause I don't look much like it anymore:

    The other one is this:
    ...but I don't think it ever comes into play. They just use the primary image.

    I guess I should upload the GTZ logo and make that primary. (and maybe rethink the graphic a bit if it's going to span multiple sites at different resolutions. this version was designed for legibility at tiny size, on a white background w/ no border)

  • new site looks great!

  • I'm completely fascinated by the "who's online?" tab. Specifically, the timestamps. If you're watching at the right moment, the minutes will all change, but not simultaneously. Seems to be some crazy ajax nonsense involved.

  • "Messages" tab now stores all the whispered conversations, it looks like. They're floating without context (or white space), but they're easier to find.

  • whisper is now "messages" on the top. all old whispers are in there.

    thanks for the other style issue finds.

  • ah, gtz beat me to it.

  • Ah, now that things are fixed it looks great. Very clean and easier to get used to than some forum changes. I do miss some of the categories, but will deal no problem. As you said tehn, it is MUCH faster and more responsive which is perhaps most appreciated.

  • one big change i forgot to mention:

    now your forum login serves as your wiki login automatically. you don't need to register or login separately.

    use the wiki! it's easier now.

  • did the front news page get replaced by monome.org/community/categories/news

  • the news page was a strange mix of user video and sale announcements-- so i'm going to confine the announcements to the forum and now we have a whole section for media-- http://monome.org/media

  • ahh, the towel day gravatar. now I feel better ;)