myo looks neat.


    As I get back into personal music related hacking I find that I am a sucker. I have preordered this with the hope of using this, monomes, and leap to create a ridiculous fun improv setup.

  • You and me both.

    Myo doesn't have the positional data that leap offers, but Leap's finger tracking just isn't reliable yet. (granted, we don't have production hardware and the APIs aren't final. that's life in a beta for you. real version will be better...)

    But, yeah. The exact feeling that Leap's promos gave me regarding everything that had come before it, I feel now regarding the Leap when I watch Myo's promo. Why are we trying to track fingertip coordinates using computer vision if we can just follow muscle tension and be done with it?

    As ever, we won't know anything until we see the data. And yet, prior to any kind of evidence, despite getting burnt however many times, we placed our orders.

    But at least I'm not the only one.

  • Can someone please punch the lead developer of Google Glass in the face with one of these?