Trouble editing m4l patches (stretta's m4l suite)

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to do a teeny tiny change to stretta's patches so that the orientation setting of the patch doesn't retrigger with a cable left message every time I reselect the channels (2x 8x8s that are housed in an orientation that isn't cable 'left' means that it flips back every time).

    But when I'm trying to get inside the m4l amxd files via max 5 I have run into a bit of a problem. In subpatchers, specifically the stretta_monome subpatcher, the option to unlock the patch seems to be greyed out so I can't fiddle around inside it. Would anyone know why that is?


  • Are the devices frozen?

  • ^^ @shimoda is right — all the stretta apps are frozen. look to the far left of the toolbar at the bottom of the patch.

  • yep @galapagoose I'm pretty sure it's not to do with freezing, I've unfrozen/unlocked the main patch, but then any subpatchers are still being weird with a greyed out lock that I can't unlock.

    I did a workaround by copying the subpatch to a new .maxpat, editing it there and dropping it back in + reattaching. But it would be cool to get to the bottom of this if anyone has any clues, as some of the subpatchers that I want to edit have a bajillion in/out cables and it'd be sick to not have to reattach them all to a new subpatch!

    thanks for the help!

  • I think it's the "resolve conflicts" button, next to the unlock and unfreeze buttons.

    Freezing embeds crap in your patch so you don't have to distribute a folder full of files, like the png file used by Stretta's custom matrixctrl display and the JavaScript file he uses to parse OSC strings. When you unfreeze one, it extracts all those files into a handy folder called "unfrozen max files" (I think). On Windows, that shows up on your desktop. On Mac, I'm not sure.

    If you try to edit a second frozen file that happened to embed the same items, congrats! You've got a conflict and you can't edit those until you tell Max For Live which version you prefer. Every time.

    Interesting side note: Deleting that folder broke all my patches and lost months of work. Dependencies are fun.

    We generally don't freeze stuff anymore.

  • Okay, "Unfrozen Max Device Files" is on your desktop in OSX. It appears like any other folder in your max search path, but keeps each device's contents in separate folders within there, allowing you to create file conflicts all day long because the separate copies aren't overwriting each other.

    If you save your device without freezing again, the files won't be embedded, but it will look through your search path for what used to be there. If it finds one copy, you're golden. If it finds several, you have a conflict. If you've deleted your only copy, that patch is broken.

    I'm certain that this isn't the right answer, but...

    Unfreeze, save, and move everything out of there.

    You can either consolidate the files into one directory within your search path, or you can move them outside of your search path. For example, you can move each device into its own folder and move the contents of their unfrozen max device files into those folders right next to the .amxd's

    Easier to edit from there on out. And you can keep different versions around if that makes you happy 'cause the devices won't see each other's files.

    Presumably, freezing the device again later will re-embed the files if you wish to distribute a self-contained .amxd file, but then you'll find yourself having to explain all this to the next guy 'cause it really isn't at all intuitive.


  • @GreaterThanZero HA yeah that sounds like it could be it! Maybe has got something to do with unfreezing multiple patches and them all using the same instance of stretta_monome subpatch file or something... I'll investigate and post back!

  • Using the same instance wouldn't be a problem. It's the existence of multiple instances within the same search path that's killing you.

  • you'll be glad to know that "Unfrozen Max Device Files" folder no longer exists in live 9. every m4l device is a Project. and hopefully the extra project managing tools and ability to quickly snapshot (backup) the devices will make it much better to use.

    have steered clear of projects till now, but looks like i'm forced either way now heh, new vignette in the 6.1 beta documentation does make using them sound very appealing though. realising that although i'm now familiar with my finder/explorer way of working it was just a workaround for max not having a better system built in.