supercollider ide

  • i'm trying yet again to get into supercollider. every few months i download the newest version. to my surprise, there's now a remarkably polished IDE-- i'm not sure when this happened but i'm very impressed.

    just putting this out there for those who might've been turned off by the interface in the past. it's quite appealing now.

  • ooooh, interesting.

  • wow, may have to find some supercollider tutorials. looks much friendlier.

  • You guys seriously need to check out Overtone and the emacs live IDE for it. Beats SC any day for me.

  • check out SC plugin for vim. when you really nail the keybindings, navigating through your sc file really feels like playing an instrument. ::swooon::

  • emacs live looks amazing. i'm trying to figure out a painless entry point.

  • @karaokaze Raja send it on my way!

  • @tehn, once you get familiar with the most common bindings it really just becomes an exploration game. After a few days, managing multiple buffers and doing the basic stuff with dired should be no problem. For managing larger project i suggest you check out CEDET (which should come with emacs > v.23. I try to learn one new command each day, which has given me tonnes so far.

    The problem i had with getting into learning SC was that i couldnt see too much application of its syntax outside of its environment. Thats why i think Overtone is superior - its built on a programming language (Clojure) that is really, really useful to learn and is applicable too so much more than audio hacking. So, basically you get SC plus the sweet syntax of Clojure. Since Lisp is very well integrated in Emacs already and since Clojure is a Lisp dialect, I find Emacs to be the ideal IDE for synthesizing sound signals using the SC Ugens.

  • do you feel like overtone is also a good environment for simply writing sc-based audio applications? ie. i just want a simple drum sequencer with analog-modelled sounds-- all monome controlled.

    or is overtone really geared at livecoding?

  • Considering its seamlessly integrated in Clojure, from my perspective it doesn’t really matter. You have access to everything that language provides and your project sounds doable even with limited programming knowledge.

    Sorry for hijacking the thread btw.

  • i'm curious about opinions on the advantages of clojure as a language for music coding. any links?

  • Does anyone know of any guides for setting up communication between a monome and SC? The classes have been written seem to be a little out of date.

  • Oh sorry karaokaze, I forgot to respond. This is definitely helping! I wasn't specifically looking for classes. It's just that most people seemed to be connecting them with a few classes, all of which were a little outdated. A stripped down class would be helpful, but don't worry about it too much.