Anyone going to the Daedelus show in Atlanta March 8th?

  • Hope to see some of you guys there! Terminal West is a great venue.

  • What Daedelus on the 8th, mother fucker! my luck is shit. The new 'sonic youth' band Chelsea Light Moving is also in Atlanta that night and my wife and I are going to be in Florida for crying out loud. Damn the timing sucks!

  • I feel your pain shimoda. Ive missed him the last few times he's been here. I need to check out chelsea light moving.

  • ill be there!!!! its gonna be a blast!

  • Holy shit Daedelus is amazing! This was the fourth time I've seen him and this show was definitely the best. As a rabid fan/collector of all things Duke Ellington I have to say, Mr. Darlington is the closest thing I'll ever see to that kind of musical genius. Performances like that make me look at the monome in a different light.

  • Double post sorry.

  • Ya he murked it!!!! Some of the most mind-bending genre/style changes throughout a set I've ever seen.

  • just saw in asheville...... wooo caribou samples, james blake, beach bois and so on!

  • yeah, it's a damn shame I had to miss this. I would have definitely gone out for it. Guess I'll have to wait another year or two for the chance. That sucks as life isn't predictable and I could use some serious inspiration about now. Why do these things just have to come along at the same f***ing times? First world problem I guess. Should stop complaining. The time will come...