What's the rarest or most bizarre audio file you have on your hard drive?

  • The rarest files I have are Led Zeppelin 4 multi tracks or the Sgt Pepper multis. I transferred them from 2 inch tape, not the rock band shit. Most bizarre has to be some percussion samples from this giant water tower in Nashville. A few buddies and I climbed to the top of the tower with hammers and drumsticks and a few mics. The tower has this really smooth concrete dome on top and a giant door thing you can pull open to access the interior. A buddy of mine climbed down to the water and got in a raft with a laptop and mics and recorded a good hour or so of us beating the hell out of the concrete roof. The samples have this spooky reverb that I've never been able to recreate itb.

  • You had access to the master multitrack 2 inch tapes for both of those records??? Man I would love to hear both those as well as the water tank samples.

  • yea, those are some appealing audio files for sure! would love to play with those! the oddest i have that come to mind are taped recordings of this cult from the late 70s in the us, lots of ululations and people calling down damnation on rock and roll bands :]

  • Cult records are amazing! I had access to the tapes as a nosy intern at Blackbird Studios in Nashville. They were duplicates of the masters "accidentally" left by a producer we all know. There was a running joke around the studio that Bonham and Ringo played on all the records made there via samples. I found some Hendrix tapes from a nagra in a random box there too. Those transfers found their way to demonoid somehow.

  • is demonoid still down?

  • Yep. She'll never come back. That place was amazing for rare audio and video game ost's. C'mon people! I know some of yall have crazy shit on your computers.

  • a few years back I grabbed bohemian rhapsody and sgt pepper multitracks online. those are super fun to listen to especially BR and how cut up and noisy the tracks are..also Freddy Mercury's voice isolated is mind blowing.

  • I have those too! I like the part where Brian may takes the sm57 from his home made amp and sings harmonies and then puts it back and starts shredding. Those tracks sound really weird isolated. I have some Motown multis as well and they are so noisy and there's all kinds of bleed. I will say the sgt pepper multis aren't as noisy as the stems that I found on demonoid and tpb. I've heard of some Pet Sounds multis floating around but I can't find them anywhere.

  • one time while recording a rap record, we were taking a break.. drinking a beer on the stoop... this homeless man approached us.. and asked if we wanted to hear his poem... we said yes, but he had to come inside, and let us record it... we gave home a beer, 12 bucks and 3 cigarettes.... and this dude spouted this 2 minute rhyming rant/limerick about how to avoid the blues... thing is he had this weird Sammy Davis Jr, elfish kinda voice... insane