new beattape with norwegian monomers

  • hey there friends,

    first off, I'm lurking, finding new patches for my monome, loving life in general,

    second off, I thought I'd share this for anyone who might be courious about the current beatmusic scene in Norway!

    RYTMEKLUBBEN (translated: Rhythm Club, The) is a new beatcollective mainly based in Trondheim in the middle of Norway, but includes producers from Oslo as well,

    two of the members are monomers, and that's my justification for even posting this here, but I know people here have a general interest for electronic music (and cassettes), so I hope I don't come of as a dickhead,

    we've just released our first beattape on digital and cassette, and have started to play shows together (monomes will appear)

    sounds appealing?

    check out:


    and facebook, souncloud, etc

    hope you'll have a look, and that you enjoy!


    ole torjus

  • that shit's hot to death!

  • thanks james! glad you like it!!

  • cheers, listening now!

  • cheers, leif!

  • wonderful to see you one the forum, ole. i'm looking forward to a listen.

  • Yes! Great start for us! Can't wait to make more!

  • wonderful to be here, brian! glad to here that, really hope you'll enjoy it!

  • got a tape! recommended. any performance videos i can feature?

  • Damn ole. "Have hands will clap" is infectious. Every time I get discouraged with new music something like this comes along. You, kingempty, and hansuhre need to release more.

  • it's quite wonderful! =)

  • Norge levererar! I enjoyed Shadow a lot. You seem to have made an effort in recording stuff that has a broad variance in sound, which iis always cool on colab releases.

    I want more.

  • thank you all for these comments! They are hugely appreciated, really. brian, I hope you're tape is arriving soon! also, no performance videos as of this moment, but when we have some I'll give you a heads up, thanks so much for the consideration!

    Also, thank you Cropsie, I really enjoy your work on SoundCloud so that's awesome to hear.

    There will be more music and tapes to come from here for sure, this is just the start! We've been lucky enough to get some hype here in Norway so we have a ground to build on from here.

  • Fantastic stuff!

  • thanks, fluxsta! :)

  • Fantastiske lyder. Beats for sommeren!

  • bump for the people who missed this. It's amazing

  • this is rad

  • 2015 Bump!