varibright editions question

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to figure out the differences in the various monome editions as regards variable brightness.
    I have a greyscale 128, I believe from the first greyscale 128 edition.
    From experimenting and reading the forums, it seems this model has "global variable brightness" but not "individual variable brightness."
    Is this true?

    I'd very much like to be able to address the individual LED brightnesses - am I out of luck with this model?
    If this model does not include individual variable brightness, is there an upgrade that could be performed to add this functionality?

    If not, would anyone like to trade me their individually varibright 128 for a slightly older 128 in excellent condition?
    I will of course add cash or other music equipment if this is the case.

    thanks much,

  • I've also got a greyscale 128 and yes, only global variable brightness I.e. you can set a level between 1-15 for the entire grid at once. True varibrightness models allow brightness levels from 1-15 per led.

  • Ha ha and if there are 2 two wanting to trade a varibrightness model I'm second in the cue.

  • The greyscale really is my favorite, even now that I've got the new varibright sexiness. If at all possible, I'd advise you to spend time with the unit you think you want before you give up the one you have.

  • interesting. why might i ask do you prefer the greyscale? i'd like to graphically display the velocity of a step in a midi sequencer, and the varibright seems like just the ticket.

  • Varibright would work for that, yes.

    My unfinished 'polyrhythmic step sequencer' app took advantage of the varibright feature, which definitely opened the door to displaying more info (though, you really can't tell the difference between adjacent numbers. don't be fooled into thinking you can display and identify 15 different meanings. but for a continuous range like velocity, you should be fine).

    I never did get around to making a video to show that, unfortunately.

    Not of that, anyway. It's unfinished because I got sucked into adding a feature which never really worked right. I did capture the beginnings of that:

    (this is on the latest edition, which is so far the only edition which supports 15 levels. before that, it was 4, I think. and before that, only the one)


    Greyscale is considerably brighter, and thus works better outdoors if you care about such things.

    Aesthetically, I think the white LEDs just look nicer.

    But mostly, it's just the feel of the buttons. Every edition is slightly different. I feel like this latest one was too firm, requiring a more deliberate press. This lends itself more to value-selection tasks (like 'insanity') than to sloppy techniques (like 'trails'). The GS line was perfect in that regard.

    It's a personal preference thing.

  • whoa. auto-embed. crazy.

  • Button 0 0 on my GS doesn't work sometimes. This makes me sad :-(

  • @GTZ
    just wondering, how accurate is the led color in that video? the new monomes look more yellow from the pics, but yours looks more orange-ish.

    also i've been meaning to ask someone with a 2012 edition, how do the leds hold up in direct (overhead)sunlight? compared to the original orange? i'm sure the gs is still the winner in that category. those leds are so bright you have to turn down the brightness at night.

  • @gtz whoa! beautiful. also regarding keypads-- it's been a rollercoaster getting consistent manufacturing. i think we nailed it recently and there's a chance they're softer than the 2012 run.

    @jhindsight e-mail if you think the keypad is buggy enough for replacement

  • I traded a GS for a 2011 walnut. the variable brightness is a nice feature but i haven't done anything with it, and i see it more as a bonus than a feature i can't do without.

    GS is an awesome edition. rugged as hell too. don't be too hasty in getting rid of it...

  • cheers @tehn but i think it's just worn out a bit with age (i bought it second-hand) rather than it being buggy. i just rotate the grid so it's in the opposite corner.