Where did the "apps" category go?

  • It seems much harder to find specific app threads now, they're mixed in with tons of other things.

  • docs != discussion

  • Yeah, but I think in some cases discussions are linked from the relevants docs/app page.

  • the search function doesn't work too well on this new site. Finding apps not on the wiki or searching for specific threads is challenging. For now, I'd suggest using google to search the forum. (site:post.monome.org (add key term here))

  • currently it seems the most efficient way to read dialog about apps is to go to the app directory and then within each app entry there is also a link to the relevant thread. am i right?

  • That's how I've been doing it

  • i drastically reduced the number of forum categories because they were very poorly used.

    the search for this forum software (vanilla) evidently doesn't scale well, which is unfortunate. i'm hoping a revision is forthcoming.

    in the meantime, the forums tend to be ephemeral to a certain extend. part of our closer integration of the wiki and forum was hoping to encourage more committing of information to the wiki in a structured form, rather than necessitating forum searches. obviously this is a bit idealistic.