Max: Full Version vs. Runtime

  • I've read in various places that it is recommended to install the full version of Max even if one intends to use the Runtime only and never purchase a Max license. What is the reason for this? Up until now I've only ever used the Runtime and had no issues. What's the difference?

    Also, if one were to accidentally "use" the full version of Max and trigger the thirty day trial clock, will things break once the full version expires?

  • there are a few extras in the full version that sometimes make there way into apps. grooveduck, pan etc... these are basically examples but you can use them freely like normal objects.

    it's easy for the developer to forget to add these in when distributing an app. (i'm guilty of this)

    installing the full version of max means all these extras are in your search path and runtime will find them if needed.

    if you run an app in runtime and it works it's fine. yay!
    if you run an app in runtime and it doesn't work. check the max window. if its missing some things they might be from the full install.

    if you run full max 30 day trial and it runs out you can still use runtime freely (and the extras). you will however be addicted to max and require additional funds to realize this addiction.

  • I specifically don't use any of the inbuilt abstractions, but people have mentioned that the party van doesn't play nice in the runtime version...

    You can install the full version, but then zip/compress the actual main app and set the default opening app for all .maxpats to the runtime version and you should be ok.

    If you ever do open it by accident don't click 'demo' button, just hit 'cancel'.

  • Thanks for the detailed answers. I guess I'll install the full versions from now on.