pages 2 alpha release

  • Hey, thanks for the help! When I click discover devices nothing happens. I have tried setting up the ports correctly, but still not communication between pages and the monome. Thanks again!

  • thanks mate, yeah it looks a small max patch could be the best answer then, i've just managed to bodge it using midiox which seems to work well as a temporary solution, (i mapped start message to a stop message then the stop message to a start message) so now when i hit play it gives me a stopstart instead of just a start, it'll do for now.....

    all the best

  • Monome not lighting up; I want to get this thing working so badly.

  • hey man, give me a little more info on what you've tried so far. do you have serialosc working? monome test works?

  • since I'm not able to program myself, is there anyone who could share the code or a file for a page like the old Ableton Clip Skipper?
    it's a function I would really like to use but I don't see it in the new version so...

    help is really appreciated

  • @phortran um, yeah... just realized I'm using monomeserial, not serialosc. The apps I've been using over the past year and a half all continued to work, so I never made the switch. I'm assuming this should fix the issue, I'll be back if it doesn't. A BIG thank you for the quick help. This community kicks ass.

  • hey brave microwave, you can use monomeserial with pages.

    1) make a new configuration
    2) configuration menu -> monome serial setup, double check, click save
    3) configuration menu -> new monome configuration -> set prefix/size x/size y

    that should be all!

  • hey citizen insane, the clip skipper stuff is prettymuch unusable. it sort of worked ok in live 7 i want to say, but as of 8 the timing is different and i could never get it working right. there's a lot of guesswork involved as ableton only gives you so much info/control. i want to say lokey or myr put together an m4l clip chopper though, so you might search that out.

    one alternative is to take your loop, chop it into 8 or 16 pieces manually in ableton and have them trigger each other via follow actions. then you can map each clip in the midi triggers page along a row or whatever.

    if you use the midi channeler groovy page for this you can get quite a few of these going by using the midi channel toggle. say your clips are 8 slices each, you could theoretically get 128 (number of midi notes) / 8 (clip size) = 16 clips per midi channel
    16 midi channels * 16 clips = 256 clips
    not bad, but that's a whoooole lot of mapping shit manually

  • understood!

    thank you

  • Hi all.

    I've got pages connecting to Live 9.0.2 using pages-0.2a47 LiveOsc 8.3.2. I've got the red box, and I'm able to launch clips etc...but I can't seem to switch M4L apps.

    I've moved the zeroconf externals moved into Max 6.1>Cycling '74>max externals. Finally, I have my version of polygome referencing the special zeroconf serialosc in the object inspector, the argument is /gome (not sure if this should be 900x).

    With this set up, I don't see the ext-apps in the serialosc window.

    Not sure what I'm missing. Is everyone else using Live 9 able to switch apps using pages. I must be missing something.

    Can you give me some help?


  • Here is some more information that may be meaningful..

    When I launch the zeroconf-serialosc using MaxRuntime 6.1, just by itself without M4L running, the external app shows up in the serialosc box as it should, but when I do that after starting up M4L, nothing appears in the serialosc box just like in a M4L app.

    I thought maybe the zeroconf externals need to be installed in the m4l-externals path so I did that, but that didn't seem to help.

    Here are some screenshots to help with any assistance.

    Any Live 9 / pages users out there having success switching m4l apps?

    Thanks for any guidance.

  • hey rah! nice screenshots here, thanks for posting all the info. i'm pretty sure the issue is 64 bit live/m4l with 32 bit zeroconf externals. i bet 32 bit live/m4l would work!

  • Thanks were right! The zeroconf externals were not working on the 64 bit version. I reinstalled the 32-bit version of Live and everything works. Thanks for your help.

  • Hello. I´m under Win7 64 and I have an arduinone.
    I followed all the steps of the installation till the point where I have to open Pages and go to the MIDI menu -> MIDI In -> and select the device I configured before.

    But when I open Pages than Midi In is greyed and I can´t click on it to go further with the instructions.

    Does somebody have a solution for this please?

    Thank you very much

  • hi jomo, if the midi menu is greyed out then i think you need to create a configuration first. when you open pages do these steps:

    1) go to the file menu and pick new configuration
    2) put in any name for it
    3) now you can click on the midi and configuration menus
    4) click on configuration -> serialosc config (you are using serialosc right?)
    5) click Discover and then Add your monome
    6) now you are ready for the midi settings

    hope this helps!

  • hey,
    the documentation page vanished. does someone have it saved on the computer and can upload it?

    or make a super quick setup guide ~


    e: my plan is to use it with m4l clip chopper and the pages clip launcher on one side and pitches and polygome on the other 8x8 part of the 128...

  • Phortran, how does pages handle the arc? Can an arc app switched along with other grid based apps? I'm having trouble getting the arc to respond when connected to apps dropped into the ext apps in pages.

    Also along this front I was thinking, might there be a way, in some future version, to have the ability for switching on multiple devices at once? i.e. switch among grid based apps along the bottom row of the grid when the shift (lower right) button is pressed, and also be able to switch among arc apps along the second row up when that shift button is pressed? Not sure how feasible this might be...just thinking out loud, really.

  • Ok, I have the monome communicating with pages using serialosc. I don't seem to be able to get pages to communicate with ableton. When I create a clip launcher page on my 128, the button on the far right second from the bottom lights up. There is no red square in ableton, and the monome does not react to clip changes.

    I have the midi setup as-- IAC driver bus 1 input everything off, output sync on
    --IAC Driver bus 2 input track and remote on, output everything off.

    In the midi settings in pages there are two options for IAC driver--one that says IAC Driver- IAC Bus 1, and 2. Another just says IAC Bus 1, and 2. I have tried both.

    Let me know if you need any other information that would help get to the issue. thanks.

  • you have liveOSC installed in the live app preferences midi remote scripts folder? can you get the step sequencer working correctly?

  • have you got the liveOSC selected as a control surface? (to be clear, the clip launcher requires the liveOSC script to be working (and doesnt require the midi bus), the step sequencer runs solely over the midi bus communication). So two paths of output operation.

  • hey guys, sorry about lack of docs etc, im going to try to make a video or something for the time being.. stay tuned

  • @lokey no, I have not installed liveOsc installed in live app preferences midi scripts folder. LiveOsc does not show up as an option in control surface options. Can you explain how to do this correctly? Thank you for the help, sorry for needing help with something that I'm sure is rather basic. I can't seem to get it working correctly.

  • hi tom,
    i found something that could be a tiny bug,
    it's not saving the page change config settings for the arc,
    every time i open pages i have to change it to midi page change.
    not a big deal

  • Got it working, ty @photran and @lokey <3

  • hey @RAH sorry i didn't respond to you earlier, missed your post!

    for arc page changing you can use either MIDI messages or you can map a grid's pages to an arc's pages, so when you switch to the grid page, the arc switches to the one it's mapped to. this is pretty flexible in terms of mapping together exactly which page combos you want.

    as far as external apps working on arc i've really on tested a few patches, electric dharma wheels in particular, so it could be a little buggy still. let me know which apps you're having trouble with and i can try it out. you might try electric dharma wheels yourself and verify that works.

  • hello everyone! a new groovy page snuck into the last release.
    it's called ArcCC and it turns your arc into midi-cc knobs.

    there's a twist though: if you push the arc encoder button pages will record your arc movements and then play them back after a period of time.

    to demonstrate we have the ultra-talented pauk, one of the first users of pages, with his insane 256/64/arc2/modular setup:


    to use the page:
    1) create a new groovy page
    2) click load button
    3) pick ArcCC.grovoy
    4) configure options at the top to your liking
    5) click run!

  • hello! is it possible to have single step instead of 8 step navigation in clip and scene launcher?

  • hi sno, yes this has been requested a few times, i'll get this out soon!

  • nice phortran :) thankx

  • hey guys.
    i started using pages (0.2a45) but can't locate the manual anymore.
    this link seems broken:

  • trppng that sounds like a rather old version, you could grab the latest here:

    sorry, i don't have an up to date manual anymore, it was lost in the great VPS crash of feb. '13. help me write a new one!

  • went through my monome related backup stash and found the pages 2 manual which i saved as pdf before the site crashed. Here it is,

    side note: never trust the cloud

  • thanks!

    now the next question:
    I can assign the page change to be triggered by midi-notes from an different controler than the monome.
    Is it possible to midi-control the pattern recorders, too?

  • nothing exists that does this right now but you could make it work in groovy.

  • Looking at the groovy pages & examples I'm not quite shure about how to implement a midi triggered pattern recorder.

    Am I right that I have to script a midi-note-input to output a button-press-command?

  • check this out:

    the patterns.handlePress(x) toggles the pattern number x on or off (only that one line is needed). if you want to see what the state of the patterns is:

    now you just need to put the handlePress logic in something like cc() or note():

    hope this helps!

  • thanks phortran.

    the patterns.handlePress(x) code in the first link is exactly what i was looking for.

    another idea:
    As a guitar player I would like to have mlr's 'rec'-button on a midi-footswitch.
    Looking at how goovy pages work I guess i could get that by using a note () or cc () statement with press().

    excited to 'code' something in the near future.

  • yes.. sort of! you can't get groovy to communicate directly to mlr via press(). however, you can generate the right OSC message and that -should- work:

    another crazy alternative approach is you can actually get ahold of the instance of ExternalApplicationPage by going up to the monome() object and then into the pages array. this would let you call press directly on the page instance. something like this:

    but for an external application page and not the groovy page. you can just browse the actual java code to see what all the methods calls are.

  • one thing on the groovy editor in pages.. it's pretty clunked out. i'm not a big fan. copy/paste/select all does work in OSX but you have to use the ctrl key, not the command key. it's weird. i usually write my groovy code in Sublime Text 2 and then copy/paste it into the groovy editor in pages.

  • thanks for the input. i will try to get the pattern recorders to work like i want them and then try to figure out both methods you suggested.

    one step at a time.

  • pages is cool!

    any chance of being able to change scales in poly sequencer?

    the menus in pages can be hard to read. i'm gettin stuff like "Bank S..." and "Hold M...".

  • Okay, I'm just wishing out loud:

    I would love a hybrid between the MIDISequencerPage and the MIDISequencerPagePoly.
    Basically i want the MIDISequencerPoly with it's velocity steps and options, but without multiple patterns playing at once.

    I also have a more complicated (I think) idea: how about if, in sequence mode, pattern 1 would continue looping until copied to another pattern. So if pattern 1 was copied to pattern 2, those two patterns would loop, and if pattern 1 was copied to pattern 4, all four patterns would be copies of pattern 1 and looping.

    that way you could easily have four bars of basic rhythm ready for small variations, and not have to change patterns just to punch in some 4/4 kickdrums (for example).

  • Hey,
    thanks for the documentation and the amazing work. i have it running now and the most important thing is solved: having clip launcher and mlr running at the same time.

    but is it somehow possible to use Pages also to have both running next to each other?
    in the first place i thought i could use the right side of my 128 for stuff and the left side for even more stuff.

    so if this doesn't work somehow, this would be my feature request :)

  • tekcor, quadrants page :)

  • Ok -found out how to change row midi values. Using a 128, do I have to use multiple sequencer pages to have access to more than 7 rows of midi on the step sequencer? Thanks

  • I've tried again and again to get Pages working, but I just can't get LiveOSC to show up under the Control Surfaces dropdown in the Ableton preferences.

    I've followed the advice on this thread: over and over again. The instructions say to copy the Live 8.2.1 LiveOSC, but the version of Pages that is linked (0.2a48) only includes a single LiveOSC folder under the OSX folder. There are no different versions, just the single LiveOSC. I opened up Ableton's package contents, found app-resources/MIDI remote scripts, and dropped LiveOSC in there but it just doesn't show up in Ableton.

    I've activated the IAC driver, installed Python, and still no LiveOSC. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    Please let me know if you need any screenshots, information, etc... Thanks for your help phortran! I appreciate it.

    Here is some information:

    OSX 10.8.3
    Ableton Live 9.0.3 64-bit
    Pages 0.2a48
    Monome 256 (2013)
    Max 6.1

    I've got serialOSC in max/patches and zerconf files in the cycling/m4l-externals.

  • hi sauceboss, sorry for the confusion. in the latest release i renamed them to try and make it more straightforward which is which. if it's not showing up in ableton my first guess is you may have copied the entire LiveOSC - OSX/LiveOSC folder path instead of just the LiveOSC folder. you'll want to make sure your folder path is like:

    Ableton Application -> Show Package Contents -> Contents/App-Resources/MIDI Remote Scripts/LiveOSC/

    double check that you don't have an extra folder somewhere in that path. the LiveOSC option should show up even if there's some other underlying python issue so i'm pretty sure it's just folder paths. let me know how it goes.

  • Phortran,

    Thanks for the tip on how to link arc pages/apps to switch with grid pages/apps. It works perfectly. I'm running multiple instances of returns to control different parameters of a few grid apps .. this has totally opened up so many possibilities, so thanks very much.

    The only problem I'm having is that I'm getting no led feedback from the arc apps. Have others had this issue that you know of? What do you think could be the problem? Not sure what screen shots to provide to help..but here is a couple from my pages set up for one pair of grid/arc and a screen shot of the multiple instances of returns.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.