pauk 256/64/arc2/modular improv performance

  • i've posted this in some pages threads but i think it deserves its own! HOLY MACKEREL

  • wow. that is pretty next level.

  • dammmmmn...
    seriously, most comprehensive monome setup ever...
    sick shit!!!!

  • So sick. I think I would slowly start to lose my mind staring at that setup. Sometimes I get lost in pattern/grid world while gazing at the 40h.

  • Totally awesome

  • wonderful video and sounds. truly deep setup, i suspect this takes practice to steer! thanks for the text walkthrough, it's very illuminating. i'll get this up on the featured page and hopefully bring a few more people our to your show.

  • @phortran amazing work as always. pages has been a long fruitful project-- great to see how much music it's helped create.

  • thanks tehn, and thanks for checking it out and commenting everyone!

  • truly awe-inspiring. definitely given me a push to instal / get to know pages

  • hi evryone, thanks so much for these kind words,
    i´m really enjoying this setup, it's been a long and beautiful way since pages 1 :) (phortran has been a good companion!!)
    i can't concentrate on making new finished tracks lately, just hang improvising stuff like this and tweaking some pages or new midi maps.
    If somebody is interested an i can help in any of the mappings you see on the video i'll be proud to help.

  • Mesmerizing track and performance. Reminds me of my pre-monome days when I would scour the Web for monome videos and watching them put me in some kind of hypnotic trance. It's why I ended up buying one of my own.

    Way to keep the monome magic alive, Pauk!

  • yeah the video is mesmerizing. i'd also like to see a version without the text - the blinkenlights edit :)

  • That midi triggers page in the lower right corner with the lights moving back and forward - I've never got my midi triggers looking like that - what's going on there?

  • hi declutter,
    it's just a light feedback from Live, a timing reference and page division for the mappings i have there.
    it sends midi messages to light up specific buttons
    the page is sending thru yoke2 and recieving thru yoke3 to avoid feedback issues
    It's done with bome's to get some extra functionalities but you don't need it to get just the light feedback

  • Oh that sounds really interesting but is not quite enough information for me to understand!!! Is it midi output from live? What bits of live?

    Also - from scratch, how long does it take to load everything up? I notice my manual setup of pages, live and mlr takes me quite a bit of clicking and time...

  • BTW it is utterly amazing - it's this kind of thing that got me into monomes in the first place.

  • hi declutter, i think it's midi feedback from some ableton clips (most likely empty clips) linked together with follow actions. ableton will send out a note-on/note-off message when clips are fired/stop playing and midi triggers uses those messages to light up. if you map a row of leds to a row of empty clips that all have follow actions to trigger each other, the feedback will create that sort of pattern.

  • Ah I get it. Great. Thanks phortran!

  • no problem! you can actually use that technique to create a "poor man's MLR" in ableton, the neat part is you can make the rows as long as you want, or even span rows, or make the clips weird lengths or start at weird places, etc. i'd recommend the midi channeler groovy page for that as you can easily switch midi channels to have a sort of preset system.

  • featured up on the media page...

  • nice! thanks tehn!!