Monome not recognised since attaching arc?

  • No major problem, but since installing my arc when I open apps and try and connect monome from drop down box only the arc shows up? I have to pull out the cable from my 128 and plug back in for it to be recognised? It's not a big problem, and I ran monome test and still had to unplug the 128 for it to show up. My only concern is if I am damaging the monome in anyway. I have tried both arc and monome into the mac direct and also through my D Link powered hub? Anyone got any advice or suggestions as to what is happening.
    2011 I mac i5

  • Bump? Ftdi issues maybe?

  • Bump bumppity bump??

  • hey-- which serialosc are you using? i'd suggest updating to the most recent-- check the setup guide which is new.

  • Hey Brian
    Rocking the new version and still have to unplug for it to show up? Not an issue, just my arc shows up?

  • what happens if you start the patch with nothing plugged in.

    then add the 128.

  • Interesting question, I shall try and report back.....

  • The box isn't populated with the 128 only the arc, and when I plug it in it shows up. Same with the arc, the patch loads up no problems. It's like it isn't remembering the 128 when I open it up? It used to before I added the arc?

  • you're using the newest serialosc.maxpat?

    have you installed griddle at some point?

    try deleting /Users/{you}/Library/Preferences/org.monome.serialosc/

  • Never used griddle. Will try and remove the monome serial link. Thanks and yes newest serial osc Brian

  • @tehn

    When I start up a patch in Max 5 runtime and Max 6 with the monome unplugged the list isn't populated, and 128 shows when I plug it in, but my arc doesn't show ,and i have to unplug the arc and plug back in. Getting weirder?
    The link above doesn't exist in my system at all under users or my profile?

  • your user library folder is hidden by default.

    but i'm a bit confused. what were you opening the patch in before? (when only the arc showed up)

    not the best advice, but what i would do in that situation is reinstall serialosc, replace the serialosc.maxpat with the zeroconf-serialosc.maxpat
    (unzip the file, find serialosc.maxpat and copy it to your Max6/patches folder)
    reinstall the Max zeroconf externals


  • Thanks mate will try that. What was happening was in max 5 and 6 only the arc was showing. Now with both 128 and arc connected none of them show up? I have to unplug and re plug them in for them to show up in patches. I have installed the new serialosc some weeks ago and max 6 runtime and not encountered this issue at all until recently. No changes made to my system at all? Hope that clarifies. Anyway will try and do a reinstall as I wanted to add the serialosc zeroconf anyway to try Pages with the new serialosc

  • @tehn

    deleting that path in the library appeared to do it mate, thanks. yet to do a reboot, but presume it will be fine

  • Hi all back again with same issue. Have to unplug and plug in my 128 for it to be recognised in any patches when I try to connect. Max 5 and max 6 runtime? The constant unplugging of my monome sometimes causes kernel crashes that prompt me to restart the computer? Any ideas?

    Mac 10.8.?

  • @fluxsta
    I too am running 10.8.3
    No problems on my side. I had a couple of kernel issues when testing my grid + arcs on an older mini mac.
    On my newer laptop I can (knock on wood) normally hot swap the units and have the 64 plus Arc working at the same time, no problem.

    FYI and FWIW I have the new serialosc plus the zeroconfig files installed in my Max folder.



  • @fluxsta this is a known FTDI issue on some systems. what OS are you using?

  • @tehn

    Think it is latest Mac OS. Is it 10.8.3? You had kindly offered me suggestions before and it was ok for a while but now back to the plug/unplug scenario. 128 flashes upon Mac start up though?

  • Pages is also a no go now with all set up followed correctly and new serialosc as well as this issues but I have sent message to phortran about that anyway

  • ok-- there's a fix that needs to be made to the serialosc.maxpat for zeroconf. i'll prioritize that for the next couple days.

  • Great stuff Brian thanks :-)