Will there ever be an offical monome T-shirt or other apparel?

  • ya, at first i'm a little weirded out by it, the whole "merchandising the monome" thing seems to be contrary to how monome.org achieved a kind of grassroots exposure... then again, it's a bit like the american-flag: i suppose pride can be a good thing, i would never want to stifle it...
    still, personally, i'd only be into it if it were kelli's art specifically.

  • http://www.spreadshirt.com/monome

  • multi merch packs yes! I can wear it all at once and look like a real bobby dazler! I am of quite an odd size. We should do tailoring for freaks like me.

  • @groove +1 all my tshirts are tailored ;)

  • I'd definetly go for a t-shirt and sticker "pack". Id use the sticker for the laptop as its obsidian black and very depressing.

    I'd probarly hold of on the cutlery set and gear stick knob though.

  • i want my monome action figure, dammit!

    ("there's a snake in my boot loader!")

  • wow, a shirt with a 256 print (or similiar) would be amazing!

  • ha ha, a blister packed edison for collectors :/

  • @pirx haha i liked it - i tried to think of a smart "Buzz 'Light'year and beyond" thing but i got nothing :(.

  • I want a monome coffee cup and laptop sticker !

    Edit: a round sticker for hiding apple logo would be great !!!

  • I want a big inflatable 512, at least 2x1m with real button pads for nice backrub... oh and with leds of course...

  • now that think of it, i might just scan and fix up the excellent print from my grayscale 64. editon of one vibez.

    speaking of prints, wouldn't it be nice to have a few collected pics on the site of all the packing and artwork?

  • @myusick - how about a 512 shiatsu massager?

  • Haha, I'd be up for action figures, and a giant inflatable monome to bring to the beach.

  • what about a DIY monome merch kit?

  • a knit it yourself tshirt?? count me in!

  • in my mind, there is only one monome shirt worth buying/wearing:


  • @jmelnyk hahaha awesome. that made me laugh

  • @jmelnyk - Best t-shirt design ever. LMAO

    Seriously, I would really dig a simple grey or black t-shirt this the Logo on side or center front. Keep it simple.

    // I need a t-shirt because I cannot wear my 128. (I tried) if I had a cotton t-shirt, I would wear it till it had holes in it

  • a t-shirt with a grid that lights up would be fantastic, like those battery powered equaliser t-shirts you see people wearing.

  • A laptop sticker would be great!

  • @ iccapod: those tee's are a pet peeve of mine! arrgh. hate em.

  • Plus, if you're going to go that far, it should at least play Conway's Game of Life.

  • @ oootini: yeah it's a step to far alright, minimal is best always. The only time t-shirts that light up work is in advertising and on bachelor parties.

  • minimal t-nome.

    [ http://img375.imageshack.us/img375/7817/monomeapparel1a.jpg ]

    (i think the mycelium design would be cool as well... i will try to make one).

  • @ psalm: ill take one.

  • @ psalm: Awesome!

  • I would say a 2x6 or 2x8 design would be most suited for teh Legendary Monome Thong.

  • man..... im soooo close to clicking "BUY" for jmels design....
    so close...
    im thinking light pink

  • another mnmT attempt :/

    596 x 546 - 16K
  • @psalm - fantastic!!

  • so who's gonna make the first monome on a keychain?
    and monome fuzzy dice?
    i wanna pimp my ride...

  • Ahh, Res, don't cheap out. Fuzzy dice? Come on. For a cool grand (plus shipping) you could have a pair of gs64s hanging from your car's mirror in two weeks.

    Or you could wear them around your neck like dog tags. Don't pimp your ride; pimp yo'self! (Wait, that didn't sound right).

    Flavor Flav, monome-style.

  • @psalm
    I would definitely buy that!
    Make a 2XL :D

  • Monome Shirts:


  • monome shower curtains!

    sorry for digging out old threads, but this one is great :D

  • Monome "wall paper" with led's?

  • how about the monome "logo" - something simple :)

  • Aalto have just done one....just saying ;-)

  • yeah couldn't resist the Aalto :) a sea of patch cables!

  • Yep ordered mine too ;-)