upcoming editions: orders open now. shipping update!

  • shipping update for may 4!

    shipping has begun!

    we'll ship according to order receipt, so older orders ship first. you'll get a tracking number when your order ships. thanks for your patience and i'm excited to get these in your hands!

    unfortunately a few arc components are late, so we're only shipping grid orders at the moment. we expect to start shipping arcs when the parts arrive mid-next-week. thanks for your patience. evidently the anodizing house is very backed up.


    order links at http://monome.org/devices

    fifty of each:

    monome 256
    monome 128
    monome 64
    arc 4
    arc 2

    all walnut, most recent edition. exposed edge aluminum, thin profile. higher resolution arc, without key press. yellow LEDs.


  • Arc's coming soon?? :)

  • fifty arc2 and arc4.

  • can i order the arc 2 and the 128...is the 128 bus powered?

  • oh wait just realised, so theres gunna be an order date scheduled and we do it then I guess ay?

  • correct.

  • Hi,

    I'm a newb, please forgive these dumb questions about the upcoming editions...

    • these are edge to edge aluminium (i.e. without walnut bezel when viewed from directly above)?
    • do they have tilt/accelerometers or is this always a user mod?
    • 'black walnut' is the same wood/finish as most previous monomes (excluding the gs obviously)? Is there any kind of varnish or oil finish on the wood or is it natural?
    • what colour are the LEDs?

    Thanks for your patience,


  • yes, tilt included, same walnut, yellow leds.

  • Is the arc exposed edge aluminium as well as the monome? The diagrams suggest it is but the photo shows an edition with the bezel.


  • yes, exposed edge. i'll put up photos to clarify this, sorry!

  • Ah, no worries. I guessed that as the porny marketing shots take a bit of time and effort you'd have more important things to do. Just wanted to check a 64 and arc2 would share a dimension and sit together neatly. Thanks for the clarification.

  • they sit perfectly together, yes.

  • Will the credit card be charged after ordering or when the monome gets delivered?

  • upon ordering.

  • Fingers crossed on some new kits someday soon? :)

  • will the shopping date be announced? Also will we get a tracking number?

    As you can see I am very much anticipating

  • I'm also really looking forward to my first monome(s) but a big part of what I'm looking forward to is artisan/handmade quality of the units and the focus on craftsmanship and high quality materials and for these reasons I'm happy to wait. Even once mine are built & boxed I have international shipping and customs clearance to endure before I get my new toys. I'm sure it'll be worth it though and in the meantime I keep working on my nascent Max skills.

  • tracking numbers are sent via e-mail once your order ships.

    the earliest orders will go out in about 10 days i'd say. will take some production photos to share soon.

  • shipping update at the top.

  • any production photos to ease my pain? :)

  • Got my shipping confirmation today! So excited to get my monome in my hands!!

  • update at the top! we've begun.

  • more shipped today! thanks for your patience.

  • The eagle has landed!

  • What is the wingspan of your newly landed eagle? Any pics?

  • some 256 went out today. arc components slated to arrive today!

  • I can post some picture when I get back if you'd like @arcist_gridster

  • my 256 is on the way! :)

    I was anticipating pics but now I think i wanna just wait till I see it in person and be surprised.

  • this edition is so wonderful! i hope you'll keep that design until i'm able to buy the 256 ;D


  • Did the remaining arc components arrive?

  • they did! will start shipping monday. more grids shipped today.

  • Quick Q re the Arcs. Since they do not have the "key press" function, can I still use them with the apps written for them?
    Kind regards

  • there are a couple patches which use the press. others don't. those that do can have the press emulated with a keyboard stroke or midi command. several of us are working on solutions for old patches, but also simply making new patches that don't use the press integrally.

  • shipping update! big batch almost ready for shipping, will go out tomorrow. i'm always too optimistic about assembly speeds-- or maybe i selectively forget just how long these all take to build and test.

    thanks for your patience everyone!

  • Tell me this big batch almost ready for shipping includes some 40hs :)

    I'm getting awfully excited to have two in the family. Still don't know how I'm going to use them both, but at least I'll have twice the blinking. Which is good.

  • few more arc 4's to build, then i'll be printing ups labels for a few hours...

  • cool. Any arc 2's ready to ship soon?
    sigh. I'm calling --- no more 'expected shipping' announcements allowed.
    my expectations are sore. :)

  • I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
    I'm about to gain control and I think I like it
    I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
    And I know, I know, I know, I know
    I know I want you, want you

    :-) i'm refreshing the ups tracking site by the minute!

  • @emergencyofstate: i'll get yours out tomorrow!

  • @tehn

    Thanks!! I didn't mean to come off whiny, I'm just super eager to program for arc in the current patch i'm working on. :)

  • just wondering if my arc2 will be in this batch of order?

  • Hah.... was used to years' wait for handbuilt instruments and now you come out with the goods just like this? Ahhh times have changed, the have...
    These are not 3-d printed right?

  • @j.precursor: your order was placed about a month after emergency's. it'll go out early next week-- we're very close to having all shipped out. thanks for your patience.

  • news from the date of shipment for my 64?

  • all currently placed orders will ship out early next week.

  • 12 May you tell me:"should ship by the end of next week".
    Have you fallen behind in your deliveries?
    no problem ;-)
    thank you Tehn

  • yes indeed! i'm starting to doubt my ability to properly estimate. i do apologize.

  • Got my 256 today :)

    I was kinda irritated as I watched UPS didn't even ring my doorbell and just left it at my porch.
    I always have bad vibes from UPS.

    So just a heads up for you guys that are awaiting for your shipments.

  • Grazie mille!
    Just received your wonderful instruments. My heartbeat is glitchin' ...


  • Where will my monomes arrive next???

    711 x 542 - 223K
  • PS. just to clarify that I'm not complaining here, pretty sure this is routine. It's just amusing to see the journey unfold. At the moment having travelled hundreds of miles the units are almost back home with Brian & Kelli...