app : The Party Van

  • And here's another inputconv tester.

  • will try as soon as i get home, 8 hours.

  • bravo ! cd crashing is solved. but it appears that both players are disconnected from the sample volume and the master volume. as if it goes cd->dac straight, instead of cd->sample->master

    now i can select any of the input convolution without crashing max. but it bypass the incoming sound. (for instance : i select an amp is on an input, that input is muted).

    at the beginning of the testing there was a weird behavior : i replaced the files, played with the cd's successfully, then used the input convolution (wich mute the input) ; and going back to the cd's made a crash. i restart the computer, and cd's didn't crash the computer. (telling this in case it helps...)

  • Audio routing fixed. It's actually been wired up wrong for quite a while. Rather, everything other than wtpas went directly to dac, instead of sample first.

    I'm redoing the whole input convolution section anyways, so hopefully that fixes it. It's going to have tons more impulse responses (like the new reverb).

  • good to hear.

    you are doing an amazing work. thank you.

    edit - i mean : thank you for sharing your amazing work

  • hey Rodrigo,
    input convolution doesn't crash anymore, just cuts out audio like beo said, but loading and recording audio into the cd's still crashes for me on win7.

    Also I'm noticing more clicking at the start of the wtpa loopers, than in previous versions. The mlr loopers start super smooth.

  • Aha! I think I figured out the effing problem. It's the vst~ object....

    Here's 1.0c that should fix input convolution (as well as having a buttload of new convolution types). If this fixes the problem, I think I'm going to ditch the input/output vst options, unless someone REALLY likes having them there. It's kind of volatile...

    Also, the reverb should be working, though no decay control still. There's something funky happening with the reverb still, and I think it has to do how I'm making it handle 'trails' and dsp muting. But this should give you an idea of the new reverbs (which are also stereo, if I didn't mention that before). This marks the first non-mono addition to the party van. Everything is still mono, but reverb, being the last effect, when it's engaged, will produce a stereo reverb.

  • I get no enjoyment out of saying, nothing has changed for me.

    input convolution crashed the app as soon as i selected one, until i replaced inputconvolution~ with the fix you posted earlier, then the audio cut out when one was selected, just like 1.0b.

    Still no reverb for me either.

  • Yeah after I uploaded it and tested it again it crashed for me. It's really grilling by balls I gotta tell you. There's no reason for it to crash. The convolution patch works on it's own. It works fine in the input section of the patch, but once everything is open, it effing crashes. I'll chance a little thing then it works, but then it crashes again...

    Does that inputconvolution one consistently not crash? (though it doesn't do anything).

    Ugh. I'm working on it!

  • yeah, the inputconvolution~ fix never crashes, just cuts audio.

  • same as james here...

  • So I have the entire app working, all effects, but my monome won't connect. Pressing the connect button has no reaction. It connects to other apps (mlrV) in max6 runtime perfectly. Can't figure out what the issue is.

  • Are you on the latest serialosc? Are you using the v09 or the beta posted above?

  • Yup, running latest serialosc along with v09

    EDIT: Very weird, I just downloaded the beta you mentioned and it works perfectly! I should also say I randomly downloaded two older version - 07 and 03, neither worked. But yup, 1.0c beta is running smooth.

    EDIT 2: Also, fantastic app! I can't wait to use this live!

  • I think it's serialosc compatibility though oddly, I never had a problem using v09 with the latest serialosc.

  • r c
    -a long overdue note of thanks for creating this patch..

    endlessly fun..

    v09 has always worked seamlessly ... great for evolving rhythmic textures...
    that you keep working on this project, is great ( will buy some music and donate sometime this week for sure )

    - Is an adaptation of tml still in the works..? would make it unparalleled for playing improvised jam sets ( a-la the necks etc ) as ever words fail .. hope to share some films/recordings sometime..
    I'm still very new to all this.

    for what its worth I had a few thoughts earlier that may or may not be useful or interesting: ...

    - allowing the presets to include or reference pre assigned audio files ( possibly just in the mlr page buffers ? ) thus you could start out with a sonic sub layer that could be swapped out / discarded / recalled as the set unfolds..

    - colour coding the GUI so that the parts that appear on separate " pages " on the monome have their own corresponding colour.. -would help new users find their way around -could follow the spectrum from violet to amber perhaps..

    - the next few might not be practical.. just a thought... -sort of " in an ideal world " type vein:

    - an adaptation of raptor on one of the instrument page subsections would be cool or better still, a pattern recording row ( or feature ) across all instruments ? ( maybe arc initiated ? )

    - also perhaps the ability to toggle sending the instrument output to one or any of the the buffers that are actively recording. I seem to remember this being defult in pre 0.9 versions ( ? ) - could be wrong about that though.. -might have just had my speakers too loud :] ...

    ( figure you could resample via sound card too... )

    I know thats a lot of rambling for a first post.. most of all simply thanks for all the time and thought thats gone into the project .. way lots appreciated. for sooth.


  • I really need the nonome app with party van to use it live, but it's an old app that works with monomeserial. (it converts the computer keyboard into a monome emulator). I looked on google to find other converter/simulator but no one is easy as Nonome.

    can Anybody help me to convert the nonome app to be compatible with party van ?
    my goal is to recreate a cheap softstep pedalboard

    thanks a lot !

  • @leaflitter
    Thanks for the kind words.

    A couple of responses.

    The tml adaptation is nearly done. It's just a reworking of the chocolate grinder so it has multiple modes. I was just finishing up arc/monome interaction/interface stuff.

    Including audio loops would break the way I mainly use the app, as when I'd go to a preset it would load that sample, instead of keeping my buffer. Besides, mlrv implements that kind of thing way better than it could be here (I don't have any quantisation etc..)

    I'll take a look at raptor, but as it already stands, I'm gonna remove more of the 'regular' instruments from that page7 and put in quirkier ones. Including an adaptation of this app:

    The instrument audio routing, as you mention, used to be that way. I got rid of it because I often needed the 'thru' volume to be down (as I have live mics up), and the instruments were going down that route, so I couldn't use an instrument without amplifying all inputs.
    Also, I never actually sampled any instruments since it took quick page switching to record anything meaningful.


    You can use an intermediary app and get the same functionality. Instead of using nonome, use a qwerty keyboard to midi conversion app, and then do MIDI learn inside the party van. You will have more control that way as you can then assign/control whatever you want.

  • Of course the party van has midi mapping how could I have overlooked that?!?

    I should spend some time mapping the soundplane to it, as your app made selling my monome very very difficult.

  • "qwerty keyboard to midi conversion app" I have searched for that but found nothing very good... :-(

    I didn't understand how to use the midi learn with this kind of application..

  • "computer keyboard to midi" would be a better google search:

  • I've tried that and all the other words that we can imagined.

    I'll let you know, thanks for the link !

    EDIT: I didn't specified but I need a windows version of this stuff for my road-proof computer that I use for live. That's a big part of my problem!

  • The separate inputs are just my own personal 'performance type' presets. Nothing special there, other than loading my vsts and input convolution stuff.

    Some of the bugs people found have been taking some time to work out. I've still not been able to figure out the chocolate grinder crash problem. On a positive note, I've decided just to put the energy into finishing my chocolate grinder revamp. So been working on that.

    As always, this is still under (near constant) development, it's just very big changes coming up.

    You can use the beta 1.0 posted in this thread, as it's pretty stable (other than the chocolate grinder file dragging crash).

  • @Rodrigo: I went from the old v2.0 version (.e. the second incarnation of this really addictive thing) to the newer V8 and V9.
    For some reason the leds fail to light up, both on the 64 and the arc?



  • What version of serialosc (the app) are you running?
    Do they show up in the dropdown menus of serialosc (in the party van setup page)?
    Can you control things with the monome/arc?

  • @Rodrigo - yes the buttons appear to be triggering various functions. I am not on my audio workstation - will get back to you with the answers later on, but I should have the new(er) version of serialosc installed (I have been monomial only since mid may 2013).

  • V8 works fine, V9 crash after launching, can't figure it out why

  • the V8 works fine but only the LOFI doesn't work... any idea to resolve this ?

  • Windows? If so you need to swap out the lofi~ that's included in the windows version folder.

  • I moved the wrong file, sorry I was sure that I did right but now it works. :s

  • Ok, I've finished the (massive) chocolate grinder revamp. Been working on this on/off for an effing long time! Putting it up here for a quick beta test before implementing it into the party van, and releasing it as its own app.

    It requires some of the same externals the party van does, so if you have that setup, you'll be good to go.

    It's set up like a page from the party van, so you have to go to page4 (like you would in the party van). since this is a test/neutered version, there are no other pages, only page4.

    it's a mix between tml, the chocolate grinder, and a turntable app (the idea being it's 3 different playback engines).
    The different engines are:
    tcg - reworking of the original chocolate grinder
    tml - adaptation of tml (tehn micro looper)
    tbl - turntable app

    each column is an instance, so there are 8 total units.

    each row is as follows:

    row7 - 2x speed
    row6 - 0.5x speed
    row5 - reverse
    row4 - mode change (tcg, tml, tbl)
    row3 - play
    row2 - record
    row1 - arc focus

    top arc - position/window for all playback engines
    bottom arc - depends on which playback engine is being used:

    tcg - "glitch" amount. this controls the volume of the glitches, AND the window jitter. press = jumping to a new position
    tml - setting LFO speed. press = freezing volume/LFO
    tbl - "scratch" of playback. pressing jumps to a new position

    there are lots of details that change depending on the mode you are in. like recording. when in tml it's press to record, release to stop (ala tml), for the other two modes, it's press to record, and press again to stop.
    when in turntable mode, playback spins up/down, etc...

    things to test for:
    general buginess
    arc focus changes/refreshing
    overall cpu load (the dsp muting is pretty robust, but it can gobble a lot of cpu!)

    known issues:
    tbl clicks when changing position/window. i need to rework the underlying engine for this, but what it does sounds really good. just avoid changing position window while in tbl mode

    give it a spin and let me know your thoughts!

  • I'll test that... any schematic to understand the function of each button could be nice !

  • Just the row (left/right) functionality description listed above. Each column (up/down) is identical, so they all do the same thing.

  • Oops, I didn't set it to presentation mode by default. Link fixed, so redownload it if you had downloaded it already.

  • It's nice to see page four will be blinking and pulsing along with the other pages. I've been playing with this for almost two hours now, and wow talk about an update, the only little issue I saw was sometimes when recording into an empty buffer, the buffer would start playing back instantly, while still recording. The cpu seemed fine.

    I don't own an arc, any chance the lfo speed for tml, and the scratch for tbl, will be midi mappable?

  • Hmm, was this across all modes? (the playback thing)

    I'll make it midi mappable like everything else, but only what you can see. Because of room, only 2 instances will show up in the GUI, but all 8 will be functional from the monome.

    I might rethink stuff in a future update as there's a lot of things that you can't 'see'. It's way too much to fit on one screen, so it'd be a bunch of windows. Might get messy though.

  • yeah across all modes, and all input sources. with tml, playback would start as soon as i let go of the record button, but the other 2 would playback while still recording.

  • I'll look into that.
    And you said it only happens with an empty buffer? So once you record into it it's fine after that?

  • exactly.

  • Ok, I was able to reproduce (and fix) the problem. Try redownloading and testing it out.

    I'm gonna have to add a "thanks to james for beta testing" pop-up when you open the party van at this rate!

  • No problem Rodrigo. I'm super impressed with you guys that spend all this time coming up with these apps, and then just hand them out for free. One of these days when my kids are a little older, I'm gonna learn me some max/msp.

  • Not to get all sentimental, but I only learned because someone else did the same. I think it's important not to lose sight of that once you come up with something worth using....

    Let me know if it's working alright for you there.

  • seems to work perfect now.

  • tcg is very cool! i've never used it before now. Thanks!
    I'm using a 2012 arc 4. When i hit row 4 on the grid to change modes it works fine, but i'm unable to stop changing modes even if i hit button 4 again. I have no idea what i'm doing though, so it may be my fault. It would be nice to be able to get out of mode adjust i think, unless that's all the arc is used for with tcg?

  • By modes you mean tcg/tml/tbl?
    What do you mean by "unable to stop changing modes"?

    The mode changes what the arc mapping looks like, to reflect what mode you're in, and you control a ton with the arcs with this.

  • yes, i meant tcg,tml,tbl.

    By unable to stop changing modes (tcg,tml,tbl) i thought the arc could control the position of the window and such, but it always controls tcg,tml,tbl, sometimes for all windows with sound at once. i'd like to be able to find a setting on a sound and leave it there.

    While i'm asking. Would it be possible to implement the z,x,c,v button hack on the arc?


  • The position/window effects all playback units (tcg, tml, tbl). That's controlled by the top arc, though you can only control 'position' with newschool arcs. The z,x,c,v button stuff is already implemented in there.

    The idea was to have the actual playback method be different, and not to have 3 different mini playback units with diff position/window settings (though it is three separate bits of code inside). Otherwise it would turn into 24 different position/window settings! Might be a bit much to manage.

    So if I'm understanding what you're saying correctly, then it is an actual design decision to have the position/window of each 'column' (tcg/tml/tbl) all 'tied' together.

  • No worries, i thought it was a bug or something. I'll work with it some more. Great app!

  • it spins very well here ! lot of new perspectives with the party van now (again) !
    thank you

    (i actually like the tbl clicks when changing windows position.)

    speaking about tbl : i couldn't 'scroll' along the entire width of the window and pressing never made a jump around the all width... if it makes sense... it seems that the playback position (bottom arc) is locked inside a small window, whatever the setting of top arc. and when moving the top arc (with its delicious clicks) the playback position is moving along keeping the same small width. is it by design ?

    cpu is ok, i guess.
    arc as well.