Best hardware config (Mac OSX)?

  • Since I'm planning to dedicate a machine just for the noisier purposes in life I was wondering if there is some kind of "best configuration" in terms of machines (Apple) and OS.
    From a a practical standpoint I'd be fine with (yet another) mini Mac but the laptop route looks the most attractive from a portability perspective.
    And yes - I tendentially think that the latest bell and loudest whistle don't always do the job as well as their older versions....

    Thank you for your input


  • Bump...
    Since the monomers have been very busy and the goods are already shipping I was wondering if anyone has any ideas re the "perfect setup"

  • ^ ^ Me too.

    Portable. Powerful.

  • Yup - ben looking at the 2012 MacBook Pro MD101LL/A with all its connectors + optical drive (quickly becoming sooo "vintage")...

    As far as the OS is concerned, which is the most stable and reliable version? Or will 10.8 be ok?



  • Based on History, whenever a new version of OSX is released, its best to sit back patiently and wait until all/if any bugs are discovered with existing apps, plugins, patches, etc and then upgrade. You don't want to be on an operating system that can't do what you normally do with audio.

    That being said, I'm currently on 10.7.7 now which is stable.

    By the way, do you know what audio interface you will be using?

  • @emergancyofstate
    Analog audio will be handled by my old Lexicon Omega "minitower", mainly for vocals, ambience and six string stuff.
    I do agree with the idea of entrusting the setup with older and more stable / proven OS versions (which is also the reason I was enquiring about the hardware part)