MCRP XIV - Frenetic Spaces - Released

  • Hi Shimoda
    I uploaded "right in time" (23.59 GMT :-) 3 days ago via wetransfer...
    Just sent you back the link to be sure...Check your spam folder maybe?
    If it doesn't work, i 'll re-upload it..
    Tell me...

    Really excited to hear other's works!!!

  • I've got all (except Antiphon - I suggested he submit his to me to re-remix as a bonus track, we'll see). I anticipate release early next week. Thanks for all who participated.

  • i can't wait to hear the tracks ...

  • Me three!

  • Bored now! Can someone release this, please?

  • Sorry for the delay, it will be released hump day... @kinetic, nice manipulation of samples into 'drums'

  • can someone remind who sent their work in as Monome Remix Maser?

  • Yeah...Me
    "Monome Remix Master" via wetransfer

    Reno Khart

  • Thanks shimmy. Looking forward to it.

  • It's definitely a trek...

  • epic then ! (sounds promising)

  • Going to have to drop some bad news, release has had to be delayed owing to a situation I had to deal with today. Release is still imminent. Apologies as I remix the release day :(

  • No worries shimoda, real life can intervene whilst we are making other plans it is understood! Hope all is well...

  • sorry to hear!! hope everything is alright! no rush buddy.

  • i hope you're alright. take all the time you need, no rush here.

  • Tghanks for the thoughts guys, things do come up. Getting this out this weekend will be a priority, I just needed to get through this week. You will be pleased.

  • Shimmy, do you need any help with this project? Anything we can do?

    Let's not let this die.

  • Not dead, going to post tonight come hell, highwater, or supernova

  • downloading...

  • LOL, you have my "real name" not my monome-moniker. Not to worry...
    Downloading now! Thanks shimoda!

    P.S. Love the cover art too!

  • thanks again for organizing and making it all happen shimoda! i too am downloading

  • oh, shimoda, didnt realize you didnt have access to the mcrpmusic bandcamp login details. i can either give you the login details, or you could share me the files and i can upload them? thanku for getting this all together, it would be good to get this album up in the same place as the rest though!

  • Nice work, guys! had a listen on the way to work.

    Thanks Shimoda!

  • this is fantastic. really has an atmosphere about it and feels like a cohesive album. really wish i'd put more time into my track.

  • Ahhh, it's out and up now!
    And I'm stuck at work n cant listen to it right now.

    'n' my contribution made it to first track on the album.

  • lokey, yeah pm me with the info and I'll move things over! - with a bonus or two...

  • Just listening!!! Nice works!!!! Everybody!!

    And sorry for my "track name" :-)
    I was in remix mode...and generaly, it is the original name of the track + "artist name" remix.
    So "Monome Remix Master" is definitly not the name i choosed for the track!!! :-)
    I could choose "MRM" at least...or "lost in space", or "I didn't know what i did, but i did", or "Jupiter groove", or ...

  • great stuff in there !
    and i really like the cover.

    @reno khart: maybe it's not too late to change the track's name if shimoda is going to upload the song again to the mcrp-page.

  • Certainly, if anyone needs changes (artpunk, that only went there because your file was tagged like that so I figured you wanted it that way) send me a PM or post here. I'll make the changes and throw it up on the MCRP account once I get the info.

    Thanks for the art compliment. I used a NASA photo to go along with the theme, one that I thought conveyed the Noise in Space and threw a rather obvious take on it.

    @kinetic, It's rather funny that your Vela XI track turned out to be number 11. I choose the order only by listening then when I saw your title it just seemed meant to be that way.

    I will be adding some liner notes - an introduction to the album when I post it to the MCRP account so maybe wait to spread it around till then.

  • Ah thanks shimoda, I often finish off my tracks in audacity, tidying up fades etc. The tags are a genric experimental music that gets added to my exports. If you don't mind, please list me as artpunk in the new upload, my full name next to all the great usernames up there just seems silly (as well as sounding pretentious!)
    Great work everyone, I had a very enjoyable listen last night (in between my wife and daughters interfuckerupting me to remove my headphones because they had something 'important' to tell me!

  • downloading, can't wait to listen.

    this seems like it'd be a blast to be a part of (I'm new on the scene) - how much time usually passes between these projects? I'm sure it's not an insignificant amount of work (especially for the organizer, props shimoda, I also dig the artwork) and you've earned a good rest. But whenever it happens, I want to get in on XV...

    also is there a repository of previous MCRP's to check out somewhere?

  • I've asked tehn to post a link to the MCRP bandcamp page, perhaps somewhere on the Media page. Here:

    And it was VERY LITTLE work on my part, I think I really held up the process and hadn't even gotten my own damn submision in. Kudos to add the contributors, excellent sounds from a tough, but very interesting sample set. Looking forward to the next MCRP.

    As far as the time, last one was maybe 6-8 months ago, can't remember, this one came about because someone asked about it. Somehow I ended up putting the submissions together, still not sure how that happened, but great work from everyone...else!

  • had a listen today, great work everyone!! it was a pretty interesting/challenging soundset for sure and it came out really cool.

  • @reno - awesome track. Love it. Amazing.

    @Shimodasan - As far as I'm aware, in my total lack of knowledge regarding heavenly bodies, the Vela Pulsar is pronounced Vela Ecks One, not Vela XI in roman numerals - but this makes the reference to the track number even more awesome. Anyhow, I love that you chose my track to close the album, there are so many great closing tracks. Roadtripping - RHCP, 40 - U2, The Tourist - Radiohead, Hurt - NIN, Freedom - RATM, Twist Accapella - Korn, Aqueous Transmission - Incubus, Lover's Day - Dear Science, Epic Last Song - Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Acid 8000 - Fatboy Slim... Oh I could go on.

    @Everyone - Those samples were a bitch - thanks for the challenge, and thanks for the awesome finished tracks.

  • awesome tracks !
    @phortran : i specially like the mood of your track.
    @shimoda : thank you for putting this together ; i like the cover art as well.
    (i'm glad to be a part of this album)

  • thanks @beo :D wish i would've sat on it for a few days and fixed some mix issues

    yours is crazy! so many layers of madness!

  • Wow! The creativity of this community never fails to inspire and impress.

  • hey uh actually if you guys dont mind i'd really like to fix some mix issues.. actually i already did and put it on the soundcloud ( really minor levels/filter settings/etc, no changes to the composition. hope everybody is ok with that! i'm fine with leaving the original in the spirit of the project though if its not cool. also since it sounds like it will be re-uploaded anyway, i hope this is isn't too much trouble. but if anyone has an objection i'll take it down!!

  • After the last two days at work turned out to be totally exhausting again, I've been happily able to listen to the release yesterday evening.
    Absolutely great stuff, amigos!! Really nice artwork, too.

    If there'll be a re-upload I'd be very very happy if I could get a chance to fix at least the significant loudness gap that my "track" causes....maybe I can also fix some of the frequency chaos in there.....shame on me.....I apologize!!!!

  • Still waiting for a login...

  • sorry, just got back into town. pming you now :] thanks again amigo!

  • Hi all,

    I've listened through all the tracks a few times now and it gets better every time.
    I'd be interested to know how you approach this type odds production?
    do you have an idea of what you want to make before you start or not?
    how much do you use you're monomes?

    I tend to make wave table style things and a couple of drum sounds then work out what sort of tune I'm going to make. I do all my work in ableton and to be honest I didn't really use my monome on this one.


  • @stax67
    Great sounds! Nice track...
    I actually don't know how i approached this :-)
    I think it's always different...This time, i first played with some sounds in ableton and Reaper...
    Mashed and pitched them in mlrv (so Monome like headquarter so far:-), outputed some sounds in old mpc, jomox fx, ...then back to Reaper for mixing stuffs...
    I'm quiet happy with the processus and i really like to find, each time, new treatment path...
    But the most difficult for me is to create a coherent track :-/


  • i tend to move through stages of production, each defined by the magnitude of the changes tolerated to the song. so initially, its an open playground,starting from the initial samples, making loops, repitching sounds, slicing and creating instruments,coming to terms with the overall feeling i have. then ill start working with a basic beat, bass and melody, generally in this order (my new push tends to get used around now, i used to use a quneo and 128 too). i generally work on a 4-16 bar climax, trying to get it to sound good at maximum intensity. next i try to work on the structure, removing sounds and getting the pacing right. then ill start tweaking and fiddling, and at some point will come up with a break or a transition that works to move things forward. then levelling and compression and tweaking, and ill do a first render to audio stems. then ill open a v2 set, and start making further edits to the audio itself. at some point, it resolves itself from there :]

  • I've got pretty much the same process as lokey.

    -sit down with a coffee and listen to the samplepack and extract "instrument" and "rythmic" samples.
    -edit these into melodies and rythmic loops.
    -have a coffee.
    -start again from scratch using the loops/melodies and try to create some kind of structure with a progression and some sense of togetherness.
    -add sweeteners (effects, fillers, etc).
    -have another coffee.
    -mix and add master channel effects.
    -mixdown and reopen for final editting, general reverb, eq, limiting, normalisation, etc.
    -forget about the track for a couple of days.
    -sit down with a coffee a couple of days later, and relisten with fresh ears, and then go back and make any changes needed.
    -upload for your listening pleasure.

  • I have a very random approach, this being my second MCRP participation I expect to have the process perfected by MCRP XL!
    I try and choose rhythmic and percussive elements and then isolate some melodic content or samples that I can pop into granulator to use as an instrument. I used Paulstretch in the MCRP XIII but didn't this time, instead I tried to warp and stretch samples in a more subtle way...