Live or Logic?

  • Hi there,

    After using Logic Pro 8 for some years now, and very happy with my results, I'm considering a transition back to Live. Logic's summing and professional instruments and plugins were what initially attracted me to the program, but now that I use more hardware and external fx, which are integrated with the monome setup, I'm growing more curious about the advantages of Live and Max4Live. Maybe running Max4Live will be a more streamlined and efficient means, for this sometimes very complicated technology (I am by no means a sophisticated computer user). Does the newer version of Live offer better audio, and hopefully more sophisticated mastering tools like para-eq, metering and compression?

    An advantage of Live, for me, is that somebody like Robert Henke spearheaded this software, and Live was built by like minded people, and there's a significant community built around the program. Similar to the monome forums.

    Both display smart interfaces, but I do value the simplicity and 2D nature of Live. Very clean and efficient. Sometimes Logic and all of its options are a bit too thick.

    I vaguely remember, when I was exclusively using Live, that the program handled some Native Instrument VSTs very well. I'm not making songs out of VSTs, time stretching samples, and internal fx anymore, its really more of a recording platform, and would appreciate the superior audio, and some post-production tools.

    I'm seriously overdue for a new DAW investment, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


    My setup:

    monome 40h
    Macbook Pro OSX 10.8.3
    Logic Pro 8 (student copy)
    Live 7
    hardware (DX7, Electribe, 707, fx)

  • I think it all depends on what you use it for.

    for me, i write all my music (which is electronic+samples based) in Live. I like it's warp function better than logic's flex function. I can also delve way further into the synths and feel automation of smaller details is way easier. Plus with the fairly recent M4L addition and 64-bit upgrades for both Max + Live (even though the VST/plugin side has yet to catch up fully), this is just a better interface to experiment with and bounce between.

    however, when i'm recording music, whether it be a solo guitar or a 4-piece band, I use Logic. It just feels more like a studio to me with how it is laid out.

  • i think there's something to be said for using both.. use each for its strengths and the gaps it fills in your workflow. i used to use cubase/live together to great effect, i would do most of the sound generation and sort of raw creation in live and then move it over to cubase for mixing/editing/arranging. worked well for me at the time although i did eventually transition over to live completely as it became more full-featured.

    for your setup specifically logic might make more sense as a composition environment while live makes sense as a live performance / remix station where you either play your compositions live in a performance setting or mangle them up to be re-sequenced in logic.

  • yep live is a great instrument / sound design station but personally i can't stand mixing in live. actually hate it and use pro tools everytime.