Need : TouchOsc Monome Template - Iphone version

  • Hello everyone !

    to complete my setup, I need a template that emulate a Monome on TouchOsc. My goal is to control the Party Van App which already have a touchosc template, but not with the controls I need.

    My main problem is to have the correct labels on the toggle controls that can send the right command to party van.

    Does anybody know how I can build this kind of template ?

    thanks a lit !

  • download touchosc editor, open a new iphone template, add as many toggle buttons you want, with text boxes inside the button, label the buttons. Save. Sync. Open the party van, and midi map that shit.

  • Already done :" download touchosc editor, open a new iphone template, add as many toggle buttons you want, with text boxes inside the button"

    My problem is about labelling the buttons, I can use any label I want it doesn't matter ?

    the controlling thing is made by the midi learn ?

  • In the list of objects you can create, choose, Label H, or Label V. Then when you click on the label you created, you'll see in the bottom left corner of the editor, the options, outline, background, text, and size. Whatever you type in the text box, will appear in your label, then you can drag your label inside your toggle button.

    Click on a toggle button, and in the left side of the editor, click the midi tab. Click the checkbox next to Var:, to enable midi. Select control change for the type, pick the midi channel you want to use, and in the number box, make sure each toggle button is assigned a different number, and leave the range at 0, and 127.

    Then, in the party van, yes, you use the midi learn function to map your buttons.

  • my problem is that I want to control options controlled by the monome (in fact the sample recorded by the WTPA or MLR sampled)

    so it doesn't appear on the party van app.

    my goal is to control the looping section available on the third line from the bottom of a monome.

    Button 1: first part of the sample
    Button 2: second part of the sample
    Button 8 : Last part of the sample

    anybody know how to do that ??

  • oh, i see, you want to control the play position of wtpa looper 1. You need an emulator, i don't think there is one that uses serialosc yet, except for monomodular suite.

  • and monomodular need ableton live right ? :-(

    It's crazy that I can't build a template on touchosc that can do that!

    I tried touchosc, control, liine lemur but don't know how to do

  • You're going about it backwards.

    If you can't send the commands that you need directly from touchOSC, change what you're listening for in the Party Van.

    Replace serialosc with a udp receiver or put one right next to serialosc and route it to the same places. In either case, you'll use the incoming signals to trigger the same messages that serialosc outputs when the buttons you want pressed are pressed. As far as the app is concerned, there is a monome present and those buttons were pressed.

  • I'm able to send commands from TOuchOsc with the party van template, but the problem is for a monome template, I don't know how to label the toggle button of a monome emulator.

    Party Van doesn't react with the few I tested..

  • Again:

    If you're trying to make iOS apps register as a monome over serialOSC, stop.

    What you label them is irrelevant, because nothing is configured to make use of those buttons. You're going to build something which does, and the thing you build will use the labels you chose. Yes?