ableton clock sync to mlr

  • i know folks usually sync ableton to mlr, but does anyone sync mlr to ableton? that is, does anyone have their rewire setup where ableton is the master tempo and mlr/whatever max program you're using is slave to the clock sync? it'd be pretty baller to get my midi fighter 3d to affect the tempo on mlr through ableton. obviously the audio would be routed back through to ableton.

    i haven't been able to do this sucessfully without crashes.

    mlr 2.51
    windows 7
    midi fighter 3d
    loopbe virtual midi router

  • this is what i want to do too! anyone know how to do this?

  • any results yet???
    would be interesting for me too!

  • if you're using midi the tempo usually drifts. affecting mlr tuning.

    rewire is possible. need to set max to rewire device in audio settings. set up some channels in live to receive the audio..

    with crashes. I can't remember exactly but its to do with the order in with you do things.
    load live, load max/mlr, select rewire in max, enable dac. hit play in live.

    something like that. it's been a while...
    think you loose audio input in mlr as a result..

  • this is why i went with a m4l slicing app, instead of passing it back and forth..

  • hey,
    i guess we're talking past each other ^__^
    the question is if it's possible to rewire the whole thing in a way that the tempo in ableton is working as the master tempo!! so when you raise the tempo in ableton, the tempo in mlr raises as well! usual rewiring lets work the whole thing the other way round.... whaaa, my poor english...

    Ableton Tempo (Master) -----> Influencing MLR Tempo = Needed!
    instead of
    MLR Tempo ------> Influencing Ableton Tempo = Not needed!

    it's late here in germany, hope you excuse my struggle with another language ;D

  • it works ifd you are using an m4l version of mlr.

  • hooray!!
    i tried other versions of mlr for m4l but all of them behaved very strange...
    but this version works fine for me!
    it would be perfect if "rewiring" the groups of mlr to separate audio tracks in ableton was possible...? but i think i will find other ways to reach my goal ; )


  • This is just a serialosc conversion of the mlr aes version for m4l. I believe there's an extra folder in the original package which holds the devices that make it possible to route the audio to other tracks in live. Think you can find it in the apps list.

  • original package? extra folder?

    where to find the original package?
    which extra folder?
    how does everything work?

    sorry, i'm a bit slow off the mark :D
    i'm a monomeer since about 2 month...
    could you guide me through this? would be very kind of you : )


  • go here :

    download the latest version (2011_01_04). If you unarchive the zipfile you'll find a folder called 'mlr multi outs'. Inside this folder you'll find some m4l patches that route the audio from mlr groups to other tracks.

    So, put mlr on an audio track, put mlr output 1-6 on 6 different audio tracks, enable 'multi out' in mlr's main window ... you should now be able to receive the audio of the six groups on six different tracks.

    Don't have a monome now to (re)test this but it should work.

    This made my day!!!


  • I should really update this app to serialosc... School is done in two weeks... Hmmmmm

    There is a possibility that some of the features might be broken in live 9 though, and I do not yet have my own copy to test on

  • Tried running the most recent version of m4l mlr (1/4/11 thealphanerd edit) in Live 9 recently and it crashed every time I tried to load it.

    Don't know if others here are running 8 or I'm the only one to have this problem - I haven't gone back to try any harder - Just tried it again and it loaded and then Live crashed 5 seconds later. Maybe it's a Max 6.1 issue?