DAW - recommend me something simple, powerful and cost-effective

  • Foreword: I used Logic for some years and before that I was a digitanalogical guy (ADAT, DAT cassettes, etc).
    Now I'm looking for something simple and streamlined to install in my new laptop (powerbook 13" 2.9G OSX10.8)... something a little better than Garageband ;-)
    I'm not into the bloatware thing (I'm not going to be running 8 instances of 24 voice polyphony and 8 reverbs at once), it should also work with Soundflower, since Ideally I'll be using monome with standalone softsynths.

    So far I've tried to get Reaper to work for me (but success rate = 0...)

    What else should I consider?

    Appreciate your inputs (digital or otherwise, hehe)



  • maybe give ardour a try (unless you're on windows)


    it's 'pay what you want' software so you could always try it for free then pay them afterwards if you choose to use it.

  • ^^^
    Appreciate, thx!


  • @tehn - unfortunately Reaper doesn't seem to enjoy Soundflower... Is there a valid alternative for interapplication routing?



  • ah, didn't read the full post, sorry!

    i've used rewire with reaper with reasonable success.

  • http://rewireapp.com/
    Oh, snap!
    that's it
    (sorry, I meant "zen")

    OK, enough of that. Thx for the pointer
    I'll see how far it takes me



    *EDIT: downloaded rewire from the PH page, but it doesn't show up anywhere, sadly looks like OSX 10.8 doesn't dig it vey much. Maybe I'll have to downgrade to OSX 10.7.x in order to get stuff functioning properly....

  • I've been hearing great things about traktion for a long time now. I'm really happy with harrison mixbus as an audio only mixing software, but i may try traktion, it's pretty reasonable.


  • @karaokaze, @blungo2 : thx guys, precious tips...

    I'll be damned, but the simple act of recording the output of the AU DLS synth still eludes me... I 'm just un-credible :-|