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  • artpunk, sorry for this silly question, but have you already tried to hit on "show clips" an then hit one of the six "sample-boxes" ?

  • Thanks monoaural...not silly question at all. When I hit the sample boxes with the loaded samples no waveform showed. It was only when I selected different buffer numbers that the selected sample waveforms showed (and worked)

  • cool. glad to hear.

  • cool, i got one step closer to using this wonderful little program.

    i mean it's working but i have no led feedback.

    I'm using a monomeserial-to-pages-to-mash2-connection.
    mash2 binds to a random port everytime so i have to change pages' OSC-Out-Port everytime manually to whatever port-binding my mash2-max-windows shows up with.
    Then I can can start clips and hear them, record stuff, use the pattern recorders, but i have no led feedback.

    I guess my problem is something about my pages settings. Has anyone tried a monomeserial-pages-mash2 set-up or can point me in the right direction about pages-led-feedback?

  • no idea sorry.. you using pages for anything else? or just not a fan of serialosc..

  • i'm using pages for many stuff, for example using the pattern recorders to sequence 64insanity's midi-buttons which rhythmically turn on/off of effects,
    trying to automate djfx-m4l and switching between apps.

  • got it
    afk for jamming!!!!

  • only thing i don't appear to be getting to work, of what i've tried, is the mod function (bottom row, 4th from left?) - as soon as i press this button i jump to some static display. any ideas?

    also have a little utility app which i use to trigger the monome from a mouse using my foot, so that i can engage record functions in synch with guitar. this works with most serialosc apps but doesn't appear to forward the grid/led output from mash to the monome hardware (although it is controlling mash ok). need to look into it some more but may have some questions about the messages you send to control the monome leds once i've thought about it.

  • mod is rightmost..

    on 64:

    on 128/256:

  • @knecht - would you mind sharing that mouse trigger utility app? It sounds very handy!

  • mind = blown

    just want to say everything worked for me first time! good work.

  • if i'm honest i don't really understand the clip launcher.

    i can get the clips to show, drop samples into them then select them with the clip page but it still just plays whatever's in the buffer.

    am i missing a step somewhere?

    edit - ah hang on so if you launch a different clip then retrigger the row it plays that new clip? got it.

  • SRS,
    Thanks so much for putting this out. I'll likely be switching over to this from the Party Van since I really only used the looper anyways. Everything I tried is working perfectly fine (I've yet to try uploading samples).

    A few thoughts:
    1) When I record a pattern, I don't seem to be getting any waveforms in the gui. Everything works except for that waveform (I can hear the audio looping and everything). I can get by without them, but it would be nice to have that visual feedback, especially if I'm looking for a specific sound within a loop...

    2) Is there a "midi-learn" function anywhere? I don't see one. This would definitely be something important to have in my opinion so that the user can adjust levels, etc... using faders, rotary knobs, etc... I realize I can do this on the monome, but I like to have the higher resolution of faders when changing volumes, etc... I'd like to start using mash2 with a Korg nanoKontrol. Thoughts?

    Cheers, and thanks again. Kill those exams.

  • for midi learn click the midi mapping button in your settings window.

    i notice that wehen controlling these with your computer keyboard, it just works as long as mash is selected, but not when switched to live :-( is there a workaround for focusing the keyboard to mash?

  • @solidmaster are you pressing recall on startup? should be a waveform display for recordings..

    also did I mention that I use max6 for this? might help some things..

    @trppng yeah there is a way, not in mash yet. will put it on the todo list.

  • @srs
    would it be possible to put a metronome function on the to do list aswell?

  • @stevieraysean

    thanks for the clarification - i'll give that a try this evening.

    @artpunk - sure thing - just let me get it working with mash first - works with most serialosc apps - but not mash, which was the app i wrote it for - doh. will work it out soon - once fixed i'll post a link to the google code page

  • pretty much got this figured out and its great. I had it running today with ableton sending sounds out of main outs and Mash sending audio from a outs 3 and 4 on my soundcard. I had guitar loops recorded and it was staying bang in time. I can connect the soundcard to my guitar amp. This will be fantastic. I also have a guitarist friend who is the king of looping who is going to get a boner when he has a go!

    The only thing I could not figure out was saving my set up. how do I make it so it remembers soundcard settings and midi settings? I went along and midi learnt everything to a foot controller and I cant seem to save.

    Thank you!!

  • SRS,
    Seems like everything is all good here in the end. I did hit the recall button (after seeing all the posts about it... haha), but I guess I did something the first time that mash didn't like, resulting in no waveform. I've re-used it since and obtained waveforms every time no problem!

    I'll try that midi mapping with a bcr2000 I have laying around, although I'd like to implement a nanoKontrol into my setup to streamline things a bit. Like grooveshysta, I'll be wanting to save my set ups so that I don't need to spend that extra time doing it live... very interested in this!


  • you can save 6 different setup presets at the bottom of the setup window. click store first, then save as config in the mash folder. saves everything in the setup window and subwindows (midi etc)

  • @SRS

    i think i noticed a vari-brightness option in mash's setup window; does your app use /grid/led/level/set x y l type commands to update the monome display?

    if so that will explain why my mouse utility is preventing the monome from being illuminated, with the exception of the record engage buttons.

    i need to extend the app to handle the above messages in addition to /grid/led/set x y s.

  • Does rewire work with Ableton? I have been struggling. I would like an effective way for it to sync with Ableton. I managed to get it to slave to Ableton but it kept wandering out of time. This may be my playing but I would record a loop and it would gradually wander out of time with the Ableton Metronome. I know Ableton is pretty bad at sync but the BPM was fixed. I set Ableton to 100BPM and pressed go on ableton and it forced MASH to 100bpm where it stayed. But quickly my playing wanders out of time!

  • @knecht
    mainly these:
    /mash/grid/led/intensity $1 (changes the overall intensity, mainly for making videos)

    depends how your trying to use it. I have used rewire to slave //ableton to mash// to take advantage of abletons instruments for looping. //slaving mash to ableton// disables mash's audio inputs, which basically leaves it being mlr.

    how were you slaving it to ableton? via midi or using the ad_rewire device in audio settings.

  • I am not really sure! I want to be able to record loops in mash from guitar and other instruments and for it to stay in time with Abelton sets. I can't even get individual loops recorded from my guitar with the aid of a metranome to stay in time! They just seem to wander.

  • Alright so I've got a nanoKontrol in my possession now. I'm in a bit of a hurry so I wasn't able to fully test.

    Here's what I do:
    1) Open Mash2 and hit "recall";
    2) Open "setup";
    3) Change the monome size to 64 (irrelevant since I haven't connected my monome, I figure I should be able to midi map regardless. Please correct me if I'm wrong);
    4) Click "MIDI input" and select "nanoKONTROL2" from devices;
    5) Under "Mixer 1-6", I click the "Learn" checkbox:
    i) If I move a fader up and down, it says "note"... the "X" in the Learn box doesn't disappear;
    ii) If I turn a knob, it says "cc 16" and the "X" disappears (so it has learned the parameter).

    However, when I go back to the main gui and turn the knob, the mixer level for channel 1 starts going crazy and is either all the way down, halfway up or all the way up... weird. (Although I didn't have any audio going through so I can't confirm if the volume increase was actually stable and that this was a gui issue)

    And regardless, in the end I want to use the faders for the volumes... any ideas?

  • I will look into it. The mixer changed over a few versions, not sure it I tested the midi mapping...

  • just tested midi mapping. works fine with standard 0-127 cc messages.

  • SRS, thanks for taking the time to test.

    Hmmm I wonder what my problem is then. What kind of hardware did you test with? Does anyone have a nanoKontrol2 that they can use to test? If it works fine, then it is either something wrong with my setup, or with the (brand new) nanoKontrol2...


  • weird issue, sounds like it might be sending continuous controller messages (inc/dec. typically 0/64 or 64/128 in midi) does it have an editor?

    tried it with any other software?

    [edit] i've tried it with max/msp inbuilt midi cc tester and also my moog going through a midi interface..

    also its weird that the sliders are going to note in mash's mappings, that won't happen unless it's sending notes..

  • midimapping works fine on my nanokontrol 1.

  • Still struggling with this a bit. I have a metronome set up from Ableton clicking at 120BPM. I have mash set to 16 bars and 120bpm. I am recording a guitar loop that wanders out of time with the metronome. Each loop I record is also wandering out of time. Are there quantise settings I am not using properly or something?

    So excited at the prospects though!

  • not sure grooveshysta. i'd had it sync'd fine a couple of ways.. will have a go later.

    i'm out for the next 6 days. 2 exams (local) and a radiohead concert 630km away.. nail-biting stuff..

  • @stevieraysean i saw radiohead a few weeks ago in cologne. they're on top fucking form at the minute ;-)

  • Fixed my issue!

    After some digging it seems that other nanoKontrol2 users were experiencing the exact same behavior... one guy suggested a factory reset (where you press & hold both track arrow buttons as well as the cycle button during the unit's start-up routine... some LEDs should blink, indicated a succesful reset).

    I checked it with MIDI-ox afterwards and with mash2... responds well. Faders are mapped as CC now which is great!... I've yet to test it with my entire setup including monome, but I'm assuming it should work from here on in!

  • I have the same problem as grooveshysta.
    Mash is rewired to live, midiclock sending from live to mash via midi-yoke.
    Guitar is routed from live to mash2 with an audio-sending- vst called wormhole.
    Works fine.

    I want to jam along a live's drumclip.
    But I can't exactly match mash's recoding lenght to live's playing clip resulting in mash's loop wandering out of time.

    The quantize-settings at mash's setting page aren't for recording but for button-presses, I guess?

  • SRS, how was the Radiohead concert! I saw them in Montreal (and I witnessed the stage collapse in Toronto... pretty sad). Awesome stuff!

    I have a request (for SRS or anyone handy with max). I simply need my monome cable orientation to be rotated 180 degrees in mash2 to match my new rig. I've tried switching with an app tehn posted, which works fine until I reboot my laptop. I don't want to have to do it everytime, and I heard it's a very quick fix in the patching...

    I think this discussion is a good place to start. The answer seems simple; I just can't implement it

    Looking forward to a response!

  • @SolidMaster theres a menu next to the serialosc connect that handles rotation.. it's just not labeled..

    radiohead was amazing. by far the most enthralling audio/visual experience i've ever witnessed.

  • hmmm... ok I hadn't realized that. I'll have a look! Thanks!...

  • I love it how it is but if it quantized what's recorded, then were talking perfection. Especially if it locks into Ableton.

    Thank you!

  • "but if it quantized what's recorded" - it does. you need to input how many beats the original recording is via the gui or the top rightmost button.

    in setup is an option for record preroll. 1 is next beat 2 counts a beat etc. 0 turns quantize off.

    you can sync it to ableton via midi clock input and set a delay to get it more in time. though knowing ableton it'll probably drift.

    you can rewire ableton to mash as the master which is solid from my experiments.

  • Ah I see. I'll have a go with it.

  • This is still not working for me. I thought I cold play in time but maybe its me!

    So I have experimented with pre roll set at 1 and 2. I have set the beats count to 16 and bpm to 120. I have a sync sent from Ableton and set the sync in on mash. It is syncing because if I change the BPM in Ableton it changes in Mash. I set a metronome click in Ableton and mash away with a 16 beat guitar loop. it drifts really quickly.

    Which end would you set the delay? My overall delay in Ableton is 9.8ms. So what do I do to compensate this?

    Sorry to be a ball ache on this!

  • I am well aware of Abletons wandering ways with Sync. But why do each of the recorded loops wander out of time with each other especially if I am using the pre roll?

  • try using mash without ableton. then tell me if there are still timing issues with recordings.

    I wouldn't ever try sync to ableton via midi. it's just not worth it.

    midi sync in for mash sets the BPM of mash and it also sets the **recording length** (milliseconds per beat) if your sync source wanders so will these. even a couple of ms difference in lengths of two loop leads to noticeable drift after very few repetitions.

    midi sync in on mash has been fine for me syncing to external midi gear (my moogs arpeggiator)..

    rewiring ableton as a slave to mash as the master is the only reasonable options as far as sync is concerned from my experiments. I am happy to further develop this area of mash if people would like to control rewire slaves with mash further with regards to shifting tempos on the fly and what not.

  • hello steve,
    I would like to modify mash so it will record with footswitches i use.
    Which patcher do I have to look in if I want to do this? :)

    Greetings and thanks ,

  • check the 'midi mapping' on the settings page.

  • srs, greetings

    thanks a great deal for creating mash... ( sync and variable recording times make this ideal for a hackintosh / busking project thing... ) see sketchy prototype image.

    two things I'm somewhat tripping over ...

    One is it'd be great to know if there's a way to run mash with the latest version of serialosc..
    -I'm not even sure if I can reinstall the earlier one that worked.. : [ -
    Is it possible ( perhaps in a future version ) to use both midi and keyboard mapping ?
    -did you ever re-visit the idea of a stripped down max for live version.. that would be unreal.
    most importantly thanks for building and sharing this.

    l page

    320 x 190 - 20K
  • Wow!

    That prototype of yours looks delicious.
    Is that one working yet?
    Demo video or it didn't happen ^^

    Really would love to see you in action with that thing.

    +1 for a m4l version (which hopefully will also be syncable to live)

  • @trppng, yeah it was/is working... at least with recent/migrated patches.. -though needs work.. still haven't figured a way to get mash to mesh with the new serial osc.. sure.. I could make a video. why not. to be more playable it really needs to have the bliptronome embeded through the wood of the guitar... I'm gonna make a mini upright bass version along those lines, that'll be more useable I reckon.. ( I'm not that much of a guitarist.. prepared guitar maybe.. :] )
    -for what it's worth: the bliptronome and onestring controller make a nice pair.. seriously. visit v-blank at for info on that if anyone's interested.. still the simplest cheapest ticket to the monome realm I think

    as far as I understand the latest serial osc ( 1.2 ? ) isn't compatible with older serial osc patches.. and there's no monomeserial.maxpatch type workaround.. or a shell script to switch between 1.0 and 1.2 versions.. (?)
    -pages external app feature maybe..?

    till then.. it's partyvan all the way. ( a fan-frikn-triffic app to be sure ) -just less suited to a verse / chorus / verse type songs and more to a sort of tinkle / swash / drone / empty the recycling into a vast echoing chasm / verse / reverse / drone / outro / cut\ .. type song. I'm more at home with the latter anyway.. in a busking scenario... hrrmm, less so.
    ( I like the idea of live sampling coins and street noise though.. )
    laters. L

  • this should work for the latest serialosc (serialosc.maxpat must be installed in the max dir). haven't tested, not near a grid right now..

    sorry for the delay.